Mackenzie   United States
Hello, I'm Dino. I like cute stuffs, and the color pink. I'm also a complete nerd and bad at everything.

I'm not a friend collector so please don't add me just so you can play nauts with me. I only play with close friends.
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Fertifo 30 lipca o 15:41 
hi there
Mimi 23 lipca o 19:50 
i love u
Fertifo 22 lipca o 10:58 
i mean, if its a pedo then he already done the crime
Schmommy 22 lipca o 10:57 
Well, some don't want to commit a crime you know?
Fertifo 22 lipca o 10:52 
wait, isnt it the opossite?
Schmommy 22 lipca o 9:40 
Her description is a lie! She's actually 18 but wrote 17 to stay away from pedos