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Just because a new game comes out and people (who were already looking to get out of TF2) start playing it does not mean that new game is "the killer of TF2". Right now, the community's freak out over Overwatch is akin to a child worrying that they won't get attention from their parents anymore because a new sibling is about to be born. - 4mation


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22:27 - fm! eepily: WAKE UP IN THE MORNING
22:27 - fm! eepily: SUN SHINING
22:27 - fm! eepily: BEAUTIFUL DAY
22:27 - fm! eepily: WHAT DO I DO TODAY
22:27 - fm! eepily: PAINT A MASTERPIECE
22:27 - fm! eepily: FINISH THAT BOOK?
22:27 - fm! eepily: WRITE A POEM
22:27 - fm! eepily: FUCK THAT
22:27 - fm! eepily: MORE MGE

Always heal the scouts and always blame the roamer.

The End. ~Herr_P


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