Insurgent Bri With An IED
Haters gonna hate. Ragers gonna rage. Whiners gonna whine. And I'll keep laughing at all of them.

♥People I Like More than Others♥

Softpurr--------------- Bestest bitch ever.
[HIV+] Kandy------- Biggest asshole I know.
Cherubim------------- The only person I won't troll.
Big Brother----------- Rest in peace my friend.
ACE | 32EMCM---- My FAL pal.
/A\Wooly-------------- Is actually a mammoth.
Maverick ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ------ My wife.

If I do become friends with you, and we don't talk, or play games or anything, chances are I will delete you. Nothing personal, I just don't keep people in my friends list for nothing.

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Hiya! :D
I enjoy killing people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DO NOT add me to ask me to trade my H1Z1 skins. The answer is no.

Currently my focus is on Ark.
I probably won't be playing any Insurgency anymore.
Sometimes I play Overwatch: Strawbri#11263 (I'm not great at it yet)

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ScottyNoarf COP✨PIRX May 2 @ 8:44pm 
lol yup, trying to learn others now
ScottyNoarf COP✨PIRX May 2 @ 7:32pm 
hi im scottenoob33 in overwatch, i sent you a friend request there!
ScottyNoarf COP✨PIRX May 2 @ 6:32pm 
who reads profiles ??
ScottyNoarf COP✨PIRX May 2 @ 6:32pm 
over watch,, i just got it too
ScottyNoarf COP✨PIRX Apr 21 @ 10:18pm 
jollydrunkpengin ☪ Apr 4 @ 10:11am 
That wolf down there looks so gd dapper