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If you're adding me, please take note of the following

I deal with a number of adds everyday and it's easier to have some guidelines regarding it

I'm NOT selling any skins besides the ones listed on my OPSkins page [opskins.com]. If you feel you have a great offer, leave it in my comments and I may consider it if I do decide to sell in the future

If you're adding me in regards to a CS:GORep issue, please leave a detailed comment regarding the situation whilst sending me an add. If you were banned by another member of staff, I can figure out who issued it and can direct you to them as they will have a better understanding of the situation.

If I know you/have played with you, don't hesitate to add me up.

If none of the above apply, a comment would be appreciated - the more specific the better. I'm quite capricious in accepting adds, but a few words elaborating your reason for adding can go a long way. "Added for trade" or "Added about CS:GORep" does not suffice.

Please refrain from leaving a comment on my profile if you're going to leave some moronic message that serves no purpose. Take for example the ones left by this idiot [imgur.com]. I use my comment section as a queue of sorts of what to handle next and I could really deal without some of the more braindead comments. All you'll get from me is a response, a block, and a prompt cleanup of whatever shit you tried to take in my comments.

I also appreciate those that take the time to post out impersonator links in my comment section since it would be useful just even preventing one person from being scammed. However, if you're going to do so, I ask that you post their Steam64 URL and not one with their customURL which is easily changeable.
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Official map by Valve. This map is used in Official Matchmaking in CS:GO. It can be played in Deathmatch, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive.
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XO Gang 13 hours ago 
Added for trade looking to trade my butterfly knife fade factory new
XO Gang 13 hours ago 
Added for trade
g00ch Dec 8 @ 5:21pm 
━━━━━┓  \  ┃You have been visited
 / \  ┃  /  ┃
    \ ┃ /   ┃
     \┃/    ┃
┏━━━━(卐)━━━━┛By the windmill
┃    /┃ \
┃  /  ┃  \
┃ /   ┃   \/
┃ \   ┗━━━━━ Of friendship
punished memer Dec 8 @ 4:09pm 

I was permanently banned from CS:GO Reps! because I had my profile on private (I had no idea this was an issue) I have resolved the following issue and hope to be unbanned.

Der Kaiser Dec 6 @ 10:22am 

This guy is a scammer and he's in your group.

blacklist him pls. PROOF : https://imgur.com/a/aidEN

2nd account he use : http://steamcommunity.com/id/_Slap_sh0ck/

OPSKINS BOT ACC he use : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198415824660

Pls report him
Zämmig Dec 5 @ 10:48am 
added for trade