-Deleted-   Devon, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
English Medic main known best for his prem level drops

- Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
- CPU: Intel i5 6600k
- SSD:SanDisk SSD PLUS 120 GB Sata III
- GPU: GTX 1060
- PSU: Corsair CP-9020098-UK 650w
- RAM: Vengeance LPX DDR4 2x4Gb
- Storage: Western Digital 1tb
- Headset: HyperX Cloud 2
- Mouse: a4tech Bloody V7
- Keyboard: Razor Deathstalker
- Monitor: AOC G2460PF 144hz

SinancoTheBest : I think vaccinator and quickfix are superior to medigun and kritzkrieg

big dick rick : actually fuck tf2
big dick rick : !rep our demo
Console: [TF2Center]: Reporting RED DEMOMAN: big dick rick
big dick rick : cya
Player big dick rick left the game (Disconnect by user.)

bees: you're a dragon
Stitzy: Youre a bee
Stitzy: Well im glad we got that out of the way
bees: yes

Ле-ИгрокX: just stay in this team for season 9
Ле-ИгрокX: or i impragnate you

(TEAM) Fr3unen : stitzy was the onyl sollid pajyer

◢³ Blue: You burn yourself with small flames so now you're immune to big flames

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ : guys we are sucking so much theyre writting really bad poetry

*DEAD*(TEAM) Ron Swanson : stitzy is OP as fuck

Cake Girl(S> poems): imma go kill my self now
( ° ʖ °) Stitzy | merc: Well i wish you luck
Cake Girl(S> poems): HA
Cake Girl(S> poems): THANKS MAN
Cake Girl(S> poems): <3 you to
( ° ʖ °) Stitzy | merc: <3
Cake Girl(S> poems): fuck you to though
Cake Girl(S> poems): seriously
( ° ʖ °) Stitzy | merc: thats going on my profile, thanks for the memes

Shivers1029: I'm currently having a Benzoic Acid enema

21:15:00 Dominant™: Stacked team
21:15:14 Stitzy: i dont expect much
21:16:48 -|RʎGE|- Tom: im sorry
21:16:51 -|RʎGE|- Tom: but you guys are cunts
21:16:52 -|RʎGE|- Tom: bye
21:16:59 TF2Center: Lobby closed: MANUAL_LEADER
21:17:01 -|RʎGE|- Tom: BYE BYE SERVER

*DEAD*(TEAM) Lonus : ***UBERED***
*DEAD*(TEAM) Lonus : ***UBERED***
Player Lonus left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Kameltin : can i shoot u, I need health :P
*DEAD* Kameltin : aww

Bees: If you were having sex with 2 librarians, you'd be fucked

Blue: Stop bashing my racoon

23:09 - ElazuL: But I very much love bigger birds
23:09 - ElazuL: like the ones on my picture
23:09 - ᴀмѕ | Stitzy: thats not a bird
23:09 - ᴀмѕ | Stitzy: thats a giraffe
23:09 - ElazuL: o rly 8)
23:09 - ᴀмѕ | Stitzy: 10/10 zoo keeper
23:09 - ElazuL: xD

21:10 - Blue: stibby
21:10 - Blue: steeby
21:11 - Blue: steebby
21:11 - Blue: :3
21:11 - Blue: steibby
21:11 - Blue: stiibby
21:11 - Blue: staebby
21:11 - Blue: stybby
21:13 - Blue: stuubby
21:18 - Blue: stoezy
21:18 - Blue: sfingerzy
21:21 - Blue: slapzy
21:21 - Blue: spokezy
21:21 - Blue: spunchzy
21:32 - Blue: stoutly
21:51 - Blue: *poke*
22:06 - Blue: soupzy
22:06 - Blue: saucezy
22:06 - Stitzy: SHUT THE FUCK UP

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I dont mind mercing for any div but i prefer not to play my main in lower than mid mid

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Deaf and Blind


ETF2L Highlander Season 13 High
ETF2L Highlander Season 12 High
UGC Highlander Season 21 Platinum
ETF2L Highlander Season 11 High/Mid
ETF2L 6v6 Season 25 Open (free medals)
UGC 6v6 Season 25 Platinum
UGC Highlander Season 20 Gold
UGC Highlander Season 19 Platinum
ETF2L Highlander Season 10 High
ETF2L 6v6 Season 23 Mid
UGC Highlander Season 18 Gold
ETF2L Highlander Season 9 Mid
UGC Highlander Season 17 Mid
UGC Highlander Season 16 Gold
UGC 6v6 Season 19 Platinum
UGC Highlander Season 17 Platinum
UGC Highlander Season 16 Gold
ETF2L Highlander Season 8 Div 3 (mid)
UGC Highlander season 15 Gold (sub)
ETF2L 6v6 Season 20 Div 6
ETF2L Highlander season 7 Div 4B
UGC Highlander season 13 Steel
UGC Highlander season 12 Steel

ETF2L Highlander Season 13 Preseason Cup
ETF2L Highlander Season 12 Preseason Cup
ETF2L Highlander Open 2
ETF2L Experimental Cup
ETF2L Highlander Open
ETF2L Highlander Preseason Cup 12

Peril Puppies (High)(6s)
Lucrosa (Platinum)(HL)
Invision (Platinum)(HL)
Team Colonslash: Express (high) (HL)
Omicron Eports (Mid) (6s)
Complete Bankers (Gold) (HL)
Aim! Aim! Aim! (Mid) (HL)
Section 8 (Gold) (HL)
Div 6 Platnim (Platinum) (6s)
Its time (Platinum) (HL)
The Agency (Gold) (HL)
Equipe 2 (Div 3/4) (HL)
Humanity+ (Gold) (HL)
BMS (Gold) (HL)
Tea Mates (Div 4) (HL)
Taco Cats (Div 5) (HL)
Nocturnal (Div 6) (6s)
Burrito Dogs (Div 6) (6s)




1. Please do not add me randomly. This includes wanting to be friends or asking if i want to buy something
2. Don't be an asshole or i will be one back
3. Trade offers are preffered but add me if complications occur
4. If you are adding me from outpost, please make sure you thoroughly read the trade notes
5. Do not add me to offer. Always offer on my outpost trades or via the trade offer link below

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☯ کϮɨϮ২ע ☯

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scrambled | Sep 18 @ 7:44am 
Hey girl i just wanted to say that u did great in that casual matchmaking match! I dont know if you remember but i was your pocket soldier for that match...listen i was hoping to add you because i realized that you arent like all the other medics and that you deserve better than all the other soldiers. I play in ugc steel 6s and with some time, fun, and practice i believe that you and i can win 1st in the highest divison!!! I dont care how long it will take but all i know is that you and i are destined to become the best combo pair tf2 has ever seen. I hope you feel the same way about me and i hope you accept my offer!
Blue Aug 15 @ 3:07pm 
Blue Aug 5 @ 4:10pm 
best butt eu
Cronk May 1 @ 2:44pm 
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Blue Mar 26 @ 3:48pm 
Your real name is stootle