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Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TzURWa3UOQ

Can merc 6's: Scout Open-mid, Demo mid and med mid Solly- Top open
Can merc Hl- Scout,solly,pyro,demo,engie,medic.

Current teams:

Thot patrol- 4's- Med-Sliver
http://logs.tf/1559216 ecks dee
Previous Teams:
UGC Gold 6's- Pernicious practices
Etf2l open 6's- Elytra
Hl open- A team
Etf2l mid 6's- NWA
REAL NIGGA HOURS *Bottom Text*- HL, Demo
etf2l mid 6s forskins
etf2l open solly- Niggas whomst get 200 dpm- 17th
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African American Problems
caaat!: only way to not get cut
caaat!: is if youre the leader

[19:51] (Channel) Foxyfluff: I love to listen to Lin nibbling and breathing
[19:51] (Channel) Foxyfluff: Whatever she is doing, I'm sure I don't know

20:03 - Hidude: Hello my good gui. Today I'm starting the grand opening of my server, KKK RolePlay. There's over 30 custom jobs, with many cool extras to the server like PAC3, Third Person, Levels, Advanced dupes 1 and 2, a prone system, and a shit ton more. We're also doing DarkRP how it's meant to be played with loose rules. That means no adverts, and few limitations to your rp needs. The server IP is please join and tell me what I need to add, fix, ect.

caaat!: night man
caaat!: you come inside me
caaat!: and pin me down
caaat!: with your strong hands
caaat!: NIGHT MAN
caaat!: SNEAKY ME
autism bomb: *blocked*
caaat!: PIN ME DOWN
caaat!: YOU fill UP me
caaat!: nightman, sneaky and mean
caaat!: spier inside my dreams
caaat!: i think i love you
caaat!: you make me wanna cry
caaat!: you make me wanna die
caaat!: i love you i love oyu i love
autism bomb: alright cat
caaat!: i love you NIGHTMAN
caaat!: everynight you come into my room
caaat!: and pin me down
caaat!: with your strong arms you pin me down
caaat!: i try to fight you
caaat!: you come in side me
caaat!: you fill me up and i become the nightman
caaat!: its just two men sharing the night
caaat!: it might seem wrong
caaat!: its just two men sharing eeach other
caaat!: its just two men like LOVING brothers
caaat!: one on top and one on bottom
caaat!: one inside and one is out
caaat!: one is screaming hes so happy
caaat!: the others screaming a passionate shout
autism bomb: you make me want to kill myself

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