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Keep your damned Sappers away from mah stuff :spycon:

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Hey all, ★StarTard★ here.
Just your average neighborhood TF2 Engineer and Tier 4 Rocket Jumper. Enjoys watching freight trains, building Sentries, bombing F2P Snipers, pounding idiots, and watching birds. Look below for my Competitive TF2 Experience, bio, and other miscellaneous info.
Ghetto Princess is my favorite Pocket Pyro <3


Competitive TF2 Experience

My UGC Profile [www.ugcleague.com]

UGC Highlander:
~Season 24~ Blackjack and Hookers: Engineer Main (Silver, Season in progress)
~Season 23~ Blackjack and Hookers: Engineer Main (Silver, 6-5 *5th Place* Most Improved Team S23 )
~Season 22~ Gotta Blast: Engineer Main, later Sub (Silver, 7-4 *4th Place* )
~Season 21~ Silver Teams Don't Work: Engineer Main (Silver, 4-5)
~Season 20~ Crit Sandvich: Engineer Sub (Silver, 4-4)
~Season 19~ SyKe.TF2: Leader, Founder, Engineer Main (Iron, 5-3)

UGC Sixes:
~Season 21~ SyKe.TF2: Leader, Founder, Medic Main/Sub (Iron, Season incomplete)

My TFCL Profile [tfcleague.com]

TFCL Highlander
~Season 1~ Blackjack and Frogs: Engineer Main (Season in progress)




If you are a serious and dedicated Engie main looking to break into the competitive scene, have taken a hiatus and are rusty, or are looking to improve and need a guide, you have come to the right place. I do demo reviews and, for those who already play in 9v9 Highlander or are trying out for a team, will watch your scrims/tryouts. Over the course of your tutoring, we’ll cover everything from building placement and maintenance to player mentality and play styles. Mentoring is FREE and all skill levels are welcome. Sessions last up to around an hour and a half once a week and continue for as long as you need. Comment on my Steam profile when you wish to start and I will add you and will reply with my availability. I will provide comms if you do not have your own Mumble or Discord (I will not do Skype, Teamspeak, etc, only the previously mentioned). Let’s learn, build Buildings, and have fun together! I look forward to seeing you!!

Current Mentee(s):

Previously Mentored:


I am a proud Teacher at the Jump Academy!

If you need help with Soldier jumping, feel free to ask me for assistance; chances are good that I'll be very eager to lend a hand!!
Shoutouts to Head Teacher Purple Pegway: I couldn't have become a Teacher without you! Thanks so much!!


~~ Personal Bio ~~

•Age: 22
•Race: Asian (proud Filipino!)
•Education: currently in College (Psych Major, now stop asking)
~Career: none
~Job: swim instructor
•Fav. Food: anything dessert-y
~Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry?: mint cause reasons (tho I'll take ice cream any day)
~Fav. Cake - Chocolate or Vanilla?: neither (yellow cake is bae)
~Whipped cream?: pile it on
~A Cherry on Top Too?: indeed
•Fav. Color: jet black
•Fav. Music: some J-Pop, some Classical (especially Beethoven and Handel), Speed Metal (DragonForce fan)
•Favorite Game: Team Fortress 2
~Favorite Class: Engineer (yes, I'm a filthy Engie main who likes to use the Mini-Sentry)
•Spirit Animal: raven
•Astrological Sign: Scorpio
•Memer?: sorta-kinda-not-really
•Otaku?: maybe
~Weeb?: definitely not
•Intellect?: depends on the subject (IQ of ~145)

I think that's quite enough info. Now go away, stalker :P



Scorching Flames Safe'n'Sound: Through the Fire and Flames

Chiroptera Venenata Safe’n’Sound: The Fire Still Burns

Green Energy Pencil Pusher: Black Winter Night

Green Confetti Mining Light: Lost Souls in Endless Time

Haunted Ghosts Data Mining Light: My Spirit Will Go On

Infernal Smoke Rancho Relaxo: Black Fire

Infernal Smoke Bucking Bronco: Once in a Lifetime

Isotope Wrench: Revolution Deathsquad

Isotope Jag: Fury of the Storm

Isotope Rescue Ranger: Valley of the Damned

All songs by DragonForce


My Youtube Channel (just a hobby, nothin' serious)
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Not for trade, just items that didn't make my Item Showcase.

If you want anything that IS for sale (weapons, extra cosmetics, etc), send me a Trade Offer


~~~:salt: StarTard's Wall of Salty Gamers :salt:~~~


★StarTard★ LFT Engie s22 killed Abusement Park with the Original
*DEAD* Abusement Park : fuck you soldier
*DEAD* Abusement Park : die in a fucking hole
*DEAD* Abusement Park : and burn in hell

★StarTard★ LFT Engie s22 killed Mixed, Toasty, and Polished with Stickybomb Launcher
*DEAD* Mixed, Toasty, and Polished : Fuck you you skilless demo maining nigger
*DEAD* Mixed, Toasty, and Polished : I bet you really are a black

*DEAD* ***** Nerf Me!! : startard kid cmon get real!!
*DEAD* ***** Nerf Me!! : engis usisng minis is like a gay using his dick

*DEAD* Sunwarrior : startard is a little bitch

*DEAD* Chauncey von Snuffles II : omfg fuck off spy you no skill scrub
*DEAD* Chauncey von Snuffles II : g2b you faggot

ItsYourBoyYager : deadringer faggot :) you cant play the game normally
ItsYourBoyYager : gotta have help

*DEAD* Deus Vult : nice lag stab, get carried by bad ping
Deus Vult : lmfao what this spy is trash
Deus Vult : he uses the crutch ringer

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black helmet man Feb 19 @ 11:47am 
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Quagsire the Wise? I thought not, it's not a story the trainers would tell you. Darth Quagsire was the first Water/Ground type, so resistant and so unique he could influence the meta to turn himself into a liability... He had so few weaknesses that he could keep his trainers from losing. The Water/Ground typing is a pathway to many resistances some consider to be unnatural. He was so tanky... the only thing he was afraid of was being outclassed, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, Game Freak released Swampert in the next generation making Quagsire irrelevant. Ironic. He could only be viable when no one else could do the same.
NOT GRAMPS Feb 8 @ 9:15am 
Actually, if you could do demo reviews that would be better
NOT GRAMPS Feb 7 @ 6:28pm 
May I have mentoring for HL?
B&H | Paul Feb 1 @ 5:08pm 
Can I be mentored
black helmet man Jan 30 @ 10:18pm 
Mentoring Engis :thinking:
McBlobbin|Globbin™ Jan 28 @ 10:58am 
im just gonna put this cheaters profile here, report him.