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My life in a nutshell:
"Been there, seen that, got the scars."

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XX /// ☯ // Nov 7 @ 4:57am 
I'll answer your other questions later, but your stellar taste in instrumental music is actually that stuck about you in my mind ever since we met!

Also ye, like Zarya. Might have a ways to go... lol
XX /// ☯ // Nov 3 @ 11:36am 
That's exactly what it music is. Actually I got very interested in the theory (theories?) behind music therapy lately...

Honestly I should start playing rhythm games again, they are absolutely great for treating depression and anxiety for a number of reasons. I started playing that Melody's Escape game initially because it helped me deal with panic attacks
XX /// ☯ // Oct 20 @ 12:34pm 
we are still good, and of course everyone needs a hug sometimes. i've just been focusing on my innate needs (not dying yet) and therefore haven't had a lot of time to be social even though i have more *ability* to be social as a result

i reinstalled skype again today so there's that, maybe. hadn't been on for several months now
XX /// ☯ // Oct 12 @ 10:24pm 
I understand that. Thing is, there are friends everywhere you look online, you just need to make them for yourself is my general feeling here.
Chankles Oct 10 @ 12:19am 
Ggs in RE6 lmao, they were salty in the graveyard. Also Saya no Uta ayyyy
Atarila98 ウィリアム Oct 4 @ 6:49am 
it's dangerous to go alone take this o==[]::::::::::::::::>