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Same as TC. Lost interest in almost all other episodic games I've tried well before it was finished. It's not a terrible format but but the wait between episodes tends to be too lengthy to keep the narrative relatively fresh in your mind. There's also the worry that after a strong opening the subsequent episodes won't keep that same quality (devs don't have a good roadmap for the story or the budget dries up).

I also tend to not watch TV shows until they have a complete season.
Mar 9 @ 10:56pm
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Mar 9 @ 8:29pm
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Prompto snagged this one for me. Thought it was a keeper.
Yeah I was thinking back over FF endings (main games only) on which ones weren't sad or ambiguous and FFIV and IX are the only ones I can remember just being happy. It's been years though and my memory isn't perfect so I might be off on that.
Kinda tired of sad and bittersweet endings myself. I'm sure it's just the games I wind up playing, and movies/shows I watch, but it feels like we can't just have a simple happily ever after ending anymore. At least not on any remotely serious story.
People pirate games because they're okay with stealing *insert game*.

Nobody cares about your justification. Go be a thief.
Yes, story content is what I meant (even if it's just silly side stories). I generally skip all the DLC for these games but wanted to be sure.

Thank you for the info. :nier_resistance:
Like scenes and such or is it just another character to play as? Also, are they voiced and voiced by their current VA (if applicable).

"Sushee has proven that it understands what makes the Fear Effect universe appealing. It's nailed the aesthetics, pinned down the series' love of mythology and the occult, and balanced the shadow-creeping stealth elements with fast-paced combat and great, mind-bending puzzles. The big positive here is that the developer's clear passion for Hana and co. will aid them with upcoming remake Fear Effect: Reinvented. But, unfortunately, Sedna doesn't deliver a gameplay experience worthy of the brand's magnetic style."

Sounds about right. Gameplay was never good in Fear Effect.
Mar 1 @ 2:14pm
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If nothing else DQXI should get a PC release. It's Unreal Engine 4 ffs.
Originally posted by
Originally posted by Ringo:
I don't have an issue with most of the design decisions (UI, touch controls, filters) but the tiling seams are ridiculous. They're incredibly ugly, everywhere and impossible to ignore/overlook.

And there in the SNES and every other version just not a noticable
Okay? Them being so blatant is the issue.
I don't have an issue with most of the design decisions (UI, touch controls, filters) but the tiling seams are ridiculous. They're incredibly ugly, everywhere and impossible to ignore/overlook.
Feb 14 @ 3:35pm
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Originally posted by Hook Me Daddy:
Most of the positive reviews seem to be made on the caveat that they know the game is flawed but feel most of the issues are fixable for them, which is entirely valid. Just because people are enjoying the game doesn't mean they're mindless company mooks.

This is pretty much my view. I'm enjoying the game similar to how I enjoy bad movies. I see the bad, recognize it's bad and still enjoy the bad. The voice acting, for example, ranges from passable to laughable but reminds me of classic martial arts movies with bad dubs and I love it.

Game gets a thumbs up because I'm having fun.
I only played an hour or so into the game. Conversations flow a lot better now and doesn't seem so dry. Saw some area translations further in the game posted on another forum and they're better for the most part.

Unfortunately I'm so soured thanks to NISA and the PC train wreck that I'm not really feeling it right now. I probably won't play much further and instead come back to it another time.
Jan 23 @ 12:50am
In topic Does this have native DualShock 4 support?
Says "Wireless Controller" but I have it plugged in via USB.

Edit: To be clear the game detected the controller out the gate and I navigated with the controller just fine. It just showed XBox buttons instead of Playstation buttons so I changed it over in the game settings.
Jan 23 @ 12:38am
In topic Does this have native DualShock 4 support?
It didn't autodetect for me. Maybe having a Steam configuration messes with detection but it's easy enough to just toggle it in the options anyways. Big plus for me seeing a game support DS4 and Playstation buttons.
Originally posted by Manslayer49:
Originally posted by Waldschatten:

XSEED was looking into it, hopefully that pans out, and then we'll need the Crossbell games from Legends of Heroes to complete the Falcom collection of epicness.
isnt memories in celceta technicly a remake of ys 4 well then that would only leave ys 5 to be remade and put on steam.
Yup. And the pattern of Ys games suggest Ys V might be getting the remake treatment next.

Ys VI - new game!
Oath in Felghana - remake of 3
Ys 7 - new game!
Memories of Celceta - remake of 4
Ys VIII - new game!

Of course there was Origin (prequel) and a couple non mainline Ys games in there but meh.
Alternatively, you could download the demo to see how the game runs for you as well as whether you'd enjoy the gameplay. It's the first 3 chapters of the full game and the save carries over if you want (achievements don't).
Dec 11, 2017 @ 11:03pm
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Folks in this game love to chortle about stuff.
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