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Competitive History:
Steel spy for the Mighty Morphin' Caber Crew, Season 12 (Leader)
Steel spy for the Cult of the Sky Whale, Season 13 (Leader with ferfy)
Steel spy (almost silver but team disbanded) Season 14, Disco Pandemic
Silver spy for Cutie Killaz, Season 15 (leader)
Silver Spy for Thunder Thighs United, Season 16 ('sploded)
Silver backup Spy/Med for Catgirl Cafe, Season 16
Silver Spy for Goyim Gaming, Season 17
Silver Spy for Frag Factory, Season 18 (Disbanded week 5)
Silver Spy for Dramatic Music Intensifies, Season 18 (Week 8 on)

Iron Med/Demo for Pls Nerf Walruses, Season 15
Iron Roamer for Summer Llamas, Season 16
Steel Demo for Dance Party, Season 17
Silver Demo for Dance Party, Season 18

Keroa: Ok so im higher than a giraffes pussy right now and hat is fuckibg hilarious

`Squish: i feel like a sofa
haymarie: why a sofa, do you want people sitting on your face LOL
`Squish: i dont feel like a sofa any more

5:10 AM - squib: IM A WEETAWD
5:10 AM - snow: Ni imma a 3tard $

lester the molester: you shaved my ass
lester the molester: saved*
lester the molester: :|
squish: LOL

Keroa: be still my beating heart
squish du fromage:
be still my beating heart
Keroa: LOL

S3 | PlzPuddngPlz #3k hrs: in mumble I was like "Both teams have, be ready for pick classes - I'm dead"

SQUISH /)^o^(\: they really need to ban beggars...
SQUISH /)^o^(\: like, it's a joke how good it is
windchicken /)^o^(\: it made me a good soldier
windchicken /)^o^(\: that should say something
SQUISH /)^o^(\: it's like
SQUISH /)^o^(\: taking a 300 damage shit right in front of you
SQUISH /)^o^(\: a hulking steaming pile of painful shit
windchicken /)^o^(\: ohhhhhhhhhhh
windchicken /)^o^(\: dear lord

9:34 PM - rush: Still doesn't help the fact that there's a giant purple ogre that wants to fuck a little pixie girl thing on a rocket
9:35 PM - rush: What a sentence

MLG | bonbon : Does anyone here know where to practice trickstabs xD

Dave: meme or something funny LOL!

D00VE: im thin having a stornk
D00VE: ok
D00VE: i msnto having a stroke
D00VE: i just forgot how to hitpe

windchicken: because fuck ebooks
windchicken: they dont jive with my chi

[1:15:26 AM] To it supert: i would blow into my mic
[1:15:28 AM] To it supert: but im eating spagheti
[1:15:33 AM] To it supert: you qwin thris roun
[1:15:42 AM] (Channel) squish: blow spahetti into it fucking pussy

[7:47:52 PM] (Channel) smz: SLAPQHY
[7:48:09 PM] (Channel) smz: I SPIT RHUFFLES ON MY MONITOR

(Channel) WindChicken: ANIME
[9:03:28 PM] (Channel) WindChicken: IS FUCKING
[9:03:31 PM] (Channel) WindChicken: BOKU NO PICO
[9:03:35 PM] (Channel) WindChicken: WHICH IS PROBABLY
[9:03:37 PM] (Channel) WindChicken: WHAT YOU JACK OFF TO
[9:03:38 PM] (Channel) WindChicken: AT NIGHT OK

1:25 PM - tripz: i had a dream
1:25 PM - tripz: you where president
1:26 PM - tripz: and your daughter wanted to be a minion for halloween
1:26 PM - tripz: and you had her executed
1:26 PM - squish o3o: HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA
1:26 PM - tripz: and i was the vice president
1:26 PM - tripz: and i was scared
1:26 PM - tripz: cause you made me where a minion hat
1:26 PM - tripz: for a halloween party
1:26 PM - tripz: and you gave me a scary look
1:26 PM - tripz: i woke up
1:26 PM - tripz: and was like
1:26 PM - tripz: well shit

Chef JJ: my foot is falling off fuck
Trashmaster: I think I lost my favorite foot

oblivion: Thanks for letting me be inside you
oblivion: ;)(;
squib yes: i am saving that

1:37 AM - Doodles: ya ever just drown a woman in nut?
1:38 AM - Staunch Squib: bruh

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