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not awkward at all Sep 6 @ 11:09pm 
The human race has a come a long way, even our kids can watch FREE PORN NOW!!
Sikky #JACIEKRENCE Aug 20 @ 5:43am 
BlindChaosPanda Jul 28 @ 1:03pm 
added about Recruitment
not awkward at all Jun 6 @ 5:14pm 
hat did you just friggen say to spelly? your lucky im not next to you, cuz i would beat you the FRICK UP! poopface, my big brother lifts 30lbs weigts, and hes going to the armie soon, so if u wanna come to my house, go ahead. kid... u really taught u could kill me in minecraft? ill kill u in pvp anyday. u vs me, u can use diamond armour and i can use iron armour, and i will STILL win u!
oh and by the way, you fridging butthead, i have 3 minecraft gfs, and we have hot cybar sex everyday, while u have smex with a pig! did i say pig, i meant your friggen mommy, hahaha bye loser, nothing personnel :)
Spreijer May 31 @ 2:01pm 
Spelly u weeb