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Whatchu got on my 40?

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Tom Servoclaus: Oh spotlight
Tom Servoclaus: The rich mother fucker

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SmAk: spots brain is so massivew

music meister: if sizz stats worked irl
music meister: id work for stats

Witness | (⌐■_■): low silver is like the ghetto

Cool Logs - TS was fun - Our heavy wouldn't shut up and he sucksss - Tilted the fuck outta their Soldier lmao - Large flank - 9 Med picks, sorry Steak - Curry.eater - Better luck next time - Pika 5 Heavy picks :( - GJ meh - Almost lost - Milk Medic - We quick - 10 Med picks in 6s - 10 Lizard picks in 6s
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Song of the Week, updated every Wednesday [] - Last updated; 11/8/17

Comp. Experience

S19 Steel Scout - Waterboys [3-5]
S20 Steel Soldier - The Steakhouse [7-4] - 2nd place Consolation!
S21 Steel Soldier/Scout Sub - Seductive 9 [11-1] - 1st place!
S22 Silver Scout - Quakstreet Boys [3-5]
S23 Silver All-Class Sub - Ace 9 [9-3] - 3rd seed!

S22 Steel Scout Sub - Gatorade Girls [5-3]
S24 Steel Medic - Disco Sucks! [5-3]
S25 Silver Scout - Bae Material [7-3] - 2nd place!

S9 Steel Soldier - Skycode 4's [4-1]
S10 Steel Soldier - Rich and the Chiggas [4-4]
S11 Steel Soldier - Med Took 150 [9-2] - 2nd place!
S12 Silver Soldier - 420 Hitler Bots [6-3]

Ring me whenever, always happy to play.
Plat, Silver, Steel, w/e.
"ring me hitscan" - lizard

Other Notable Achievements
Winning 1st place in the first Pricing Event.
Guest in the 24-hour Blapature Co. Summer Jam.
Black Belt price suggestor on, most of which are of God-Tiers.
S23 HL Silver Article author Alpha tester & Captain

Notable Items I've Owned
Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan []
Field Tested Backcountry Blaster [] - My first TF2 item.
Burning Flames Milkman []
1 of 1 forever Collector's Milkman []
Scorching CotOK [] - Most expensive item I've owned.
Craft #99 Bruiser's Bandana []
Festive Bonk Atomic Punch [] - lol
And lots more.

Screenshot Showcase
It's even more beautiful than I could've imagined.
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2,142 hrs on record
last played on Nov 22
115 hrs on record
last played on Nov 21
=V= Alex! Nov 20 @ 12:00pm 
can you give me tips on trading cuz i got scamed of 1key today
and i sent u a friend req
no i mean tips so it dosent happen again
snuggle Nov 16 @ 2:12pm 
-rep said he loved me but didn't say no homo
Mascin_Tape Nov 15 @ 7:23pm 
yes spotlight, yolu are the man!!!!
SpotlightR Nov 15 @ 7:21pm 
I'm sorry! I bought a new car last week so I was busy. I'll try to get Week 9 & 10 out Thursday afternoon.
Glad to see people like them so much!
Mascin_Tape Nov 15 @ 7:18pm 
Dude, where are the reviews for the playoff matches, c'mon. Legit though, I need it NOW
SpotlightR Nov 15 @ 7:15pm