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Yo, I'm Spotlight.

Whatchu got on my 40



Tom Servoclaus: Oh spotlight
Tom Servoclaus: The rich mother fucker

Quagmire: ben here from the virtual i suck at trading

SackyBoi☕: Hey guys the real pewdiepie here and im here in this vid explaining im not the real poodiepie
SackyBoi☕ left chat.

Xieso LFT Silver Engie: our team was 3-3 i think before it died
Xieso LFT Silver Engie: then it died

Lila: spotlight
SpotlightR: what
Lila: why do you actually like
Lila: have autism sometimes

SpotlightR has changed their name to Towable Cement Mixer.
Towable Cement Mixer: hi sir
Quagmire: ok please
Quagmire: stop

"A Trading God": Got anything on a fod pool party ?
SpotlightR: i know that its bad
"A Trading God": Same

Fish-Related Crimes S> 48 unus: bruh i've been looking at chigga memes all day today

Ƨ9 SpotlightR has changed their name to Getty Images.
Getty Images: Getty Images
Ƨ9 straw: yeah

Fishthefish:OHHHHHH I thought you meant you've had anywhere from the quantity of 7 to the quantity of 11 sandwiches for din dins. Got dam I feel stupid.

$$ {LINK REMOVED}: That's some real shit nigga 💯💯
SpotlightR: YEEEE
$$ {LINK REMOVED}: I thought I was gay
$$ {LINK REMOVED}: Then u come and say YEEEE

SpotlightR: guess what i just dropped $40 on
Mind Chaos | Boom: what..
Mind Chaos | Boom: no
Mind Chaos | Boom: did du actually

rthgiltops: did you know lol backwards spelles lol
rthgiltops: its like a parralellogram or some shit

Ƨ9 SpotlightR: rofleCOPTR!
Sakura: *copters out of here*
Sakura left chat.

Mango: How are you
SpotlightR: im good
SpotlightR: thank you for asking
SpotlightR: yourself?
Mango: Im as graet as tom servo
SpotlightR: what's wrong? :(

straw: ur coming tonite right?
RICHIGGA: NIGGA I GOTCHU O THEA A:S>>>>........................................
straw: okay

SpotlightR: Quagmire is now Snooze.
Quagmire is now Online.
Quagmire: i knew it
Quagmire: damnit
SpotlightR: Sry I woke you up
Quagmire: fuck snooze
Quagmire is now Snooze.

Ƨ9 SpotlightR has changed their name to Ƨ9 Sp☺tlightR.
Quagmire: shut the fuck up : spotlight are you on every roster?

[Ƨ9] XBS: i got 2 phones, one for the niggers and one for the hoes

Reptiguru❤: your shit
Reptiguru❤: How did you not die
[Ƨ9] SpotlightR: You didn't do enough damage to kill me

*DEAD*(TEAM) [PMDT] "Minion" 'ring me : Spot you were supposed to buff me there

trojanhorseh: like wtf this fucking homiosesual im slchelpp cuz!!

Cool Logs - TS was fun - Our heavy wouldn't shut up and he sucksss - Tilted the fuck outta their Soldier lmao - Large flank - 9 Med picks, sorry Steak - Curry.eater - Better luck next time - Pika 5 Heavy picks :(

Please be aware that I have been impersonated a couple times. I do alias often as well. If "I" do not have a clean Burning Flames Milkman or a Collector's Milkman in my backpack, you are not speaking to me.
Please bring all impersonators to my attention so I can deal with them. Thank you very much.
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Song of the Week, updated every Wednesday!. [] - Last updated; 4/19/17

Comp. Experience

S19 Steel Scout - Waterboys [3-5]
S20 Steel Soldier - The Steakhouse [7-4] - 4th place
S21 Steel Soldier/Scout - Seductive 9 [11-1] - 1st place
S22 Silver Soldier/Scout - LFT

S22 Steel Scout Sub - Gatorade Girls [5-3]
S24 Steel Scout - Wharf Rats [0-0]

S9 Steel Soldier - Skycode 4's [5-1]
S10 Steel Soldier - Rich and the Chiggas [4-4]
S11 Steel Roster-Ride - Med Took 150 [0-0]

Ring me whenever, always happy to play.
My current mains are Scout and Soldier. Pretty much anything is fine tho.
"ring me hitscan" - lizard

Notable Items I've Owned
Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan []
Field Tested Backcountry Blaster [] - My first TF2 item.
Burning Flames Milkman []
1 of 1 forever Collector's Milkman []
Scorching CotOK [] - Most expensive item I've owned.
Craft #99 Bruiser's Bandana []
Festive Bonk Atomic Punch [] - lol
And lots more.

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It's even more beautiful than I could've imagined.
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SpotlightR 6 hours ago 
You interested?
I have a buyer for 95 pure tho.
Well just letting you know I love bats aswell
SpotlightR 6 hours ago 
Your hat.