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Greetings, amigo!
yo yo yo its ya boi spirit
I would set a nickname for me, I alias alot. I also like hotline miami

TRADE OFFER : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141775003&token=OwJfKEuR
UGC : http://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.cfm?player_id=76561198102040731
TF2CENTER : https://tf2center.com/profile/76561198102040731
YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5-j0RjEbOn2F17qj0D9CCA


Competitive : I've mained every class except for heavy once in my tf2 career. I have a few seasons of comp experience and enjoy playing competitively. I watch b4nny, corsa, etc. and a few other top tier players a lot.

Current main : Scout Current subs : Engi , spy, and soldier

Format :

tournament : team-name : score : classes played

6s :

UGC 6s Season 21 : Infrared : Iron :5-3, demo main
UGC 6s Season 21 : Boys who cry : Iron : 7-3, roamer sub / pocket main
UGC 6s Season 22 : Lightly salted dicks : Steel : 4-3, roamer main
UGC 6s Season 23 : Era : Steel/Silver : ?, scout sub

HL :

UGC HL Season 19 : dumpster divers : Steel : 4-4, soldier sub
UGC HL Season 20 : Lightly salted dicks : Steel : 5-1, soldier main
UGC HL Season 21 : Pack o 5' Gum : Steel : ?, scout and spy sub

Misc. :

Passtime Tournament Season 1 : Space Balls : 0-1, engi
ultiduo thing (edit later)


Cool list of stuff I have owned (not to show off, just for my memory) :

Strange australium knife
Unusual disco beat down bot dogger
Strange professional killstreak machina
Strange professional killstreak smg
Unusual orbiting fire ze goggles
Strange professional killstreak australium axtinguisher
Strange professional killstreak australium force - a - nature
Unusual circling peace sign thirst blood
Strange specialized killstreak australium grenade launcher
Strange specialized killstreak australium stickybomb launcher
Strange killstreak machina
Strange professional killstreak australium smg
Strange specialized killstreak australium rocket launcher
Bayonet slaughter minimal wear
Unusual death at dusk stainless pot
Unusual disco beat down sergeant's drill hat
Strange killstreak australium scattergun
Unusual kill-a-watt larrikin robin
Strange australium sniper rifle
Strange specialized killstreak shooting star
Unusual nether trail death racer's helmet
Unusual purple energy front runner

Random chat list :

N0_Such_Luck | trade.tf : fuck pipeline
N0_Such_Luck | trade.tf : fucking shit
Player N0_Such_Luck | trade.tf left the game (Disconnect by user.)

yo : omg, stop being a pussy
yo : just play a map
yo : !add
Howl : im playing with a friend
yo : ok, pussy
Howl : lol
yo : your playing a friend because you know you cant beat him LOL

[V4L] Vape God : What does a baby look like after its been in the microwave for 30 seconds?
Aunt Jemima : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[V4L] Vape God : I dont know, I close my eyes when I masterbate

Bob : I didn't sign the permission slip for the feels trip. ;C

Ghost : i have two dads
Are You Dead Yet? : cool
Yeet $cout : my mom got an std and died
Ghost : and they make love in front of me

[PAINE]Kingsizeblocker : i mean
[PAINE]Kingsizeblocker : all bobos are gud
[PAINE]Kingsizeblocker : boobs*

flappychicken4 : shut the fuck up you cock sucker
flappychicken4 : suck my dick gay faggot

[YT] Tomoko Kuroki : are you masturbating while playing TF2?

Handsome Hagfish: Handsome Hagfish: http://www.maxanimal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Hagfish-Slime-1-794x447.jpg
Birthday on october 12th, funny: can i put that in my urethra
Handsome Hagfish: HOLY WTF
Birthday on october 12th, funny: good, got the reaction i wanted
Chaotic Darkness: rip
Chaotic Darkness: howl
Chaotic Darkness: how much for your hiv injector

Chaos: Do you like hurting other people?
Handsome Hagfish: Yes.

PEE STAIN: Nobody likes death either but here we are with a razorblade in my hand

Dom: swamp fox you hack right?

WaTeR BoI: yes i was born with both sets of genitalia
//LSD Übermensch: Guess who's pregnant?1
//LSD Übermensch: !
//LSD Übermensch: Cock
WaTeR BoI: daddy

gottfer3:57 PM
+Clownfish only babies blame their medic when they die after overextending, you must be one of those really awful players that doesnt know shit on how to survive by yourself yet talk shit!
please gtfo of my comment you noob retarded kid you are making me losing braincells by being so stupid clueless

*SPEC* swamp fox : !add badwater mid

lion : y u so passive
lion : fucking cunt
*proceeds to leave*

Zaclo Dec 16 @ 10:57am
I'm supposed to be a jew but this one nazi keeps gassing my ass

Tf2Isawesome510 : how do i un lock gohostly gibos?

*DEAD* Kwon Gi Gi (음모 파괴자) : stupid jap cunt

Chaos: started with 16 keys
Chaos: i now have 36 keys
Chaos: god im good at bein an owl

Swamp Fox: is that
Swamp Fox: ya boi
Swamp Fox: IS THAT

Waka : quickie works well in comp thanks for asking

(TEAM) Are_Mand : can i scout pls.
Time left: 28:15
[FACEIT^] Available commands:
- !gg to launch a forfeit vote during the match
Time left: 28:13
(TEAM) spirit. : 240 ping?
(TEAM) Are_Mand : i help capture.
(TEAM) Are_Mand : im good.

*SPEC* ErA supreme : yo can we play first cause i have all my nigger slaves ready to pick cotton

Strider : instead i am a fish

4:56 PM - ErA supreme: dude
4:56 PM - Spirit: yea
4:56 PM - ErA supreme: i made the worst mistake of my life
4:56 PM - Spirit: WHAT DID YOU DO
4:56 PM - Spirit: inb4 scammed
4:56 PM - Spirit: -__-
4:56 PM - ErA supreme: my girlfriend cheated on me
4:57 PM - ErA supreme: and i killed here
4:57 PM - ErA supreme: her*
4:57 PM - ErA supreme: the cops are comming
4:57 PM - ErA supreme: HELP

9:52 PM - Spirit: say nope if you like donut and want to have sexual intercourse with him
9:53 PM - supreme: nope

8:26 PM - seawolfgang44: i like being home i get to steal so much food
8:26 PM - team (fortress of barnitude) two: BECAUSE U ARE BLACK??? :O
8:26 PM - team (fortress of barnitude) two: jk
8:26 PM - seawolfgang44: HOW DID YOU KNOW

Autistic Habib Wanna-be xd: *screams like a gingerbread man with down syndrome who just shoved one too many cinnamon gumdrops up his asshole in an amateur porn shoot while sucking on his pimp's candy cane*

b4nny : what would happen if b4nny did lines while playing scout

10:46 PM - Threejason: the
10:46 PM - Threejason: biggest
10:46 PM - Threejason: number
10:46 PM - Threejason: is 40
10:46 PM - HEY MICHEAL VSAUCE HERE: are u sure about that

11:57 AM - max: Hoe
11:57 AM - max: Do me a favor
11:57 AM - max is now Away.
11:57 AM - spirit: yeeee
11:57 AM - max is now Online.
11:57 AM - max: Are you good at tf2
11:57 AM - spirit: uh i guess
11:57 AM - max: Can you aim
11:57 AM - spirit: yes
11:57 AM - max: What class
11:57 AM - spirit: scout is my best atm tbh
11:58 AM - max: Do me a favor
11:58 AM - max: And rape my little brother
11:58 AM - spirit: oh myy fucking god max
11:58 AM - max: He's a fucking Jew that needs to be baked

pootispow trav : adolf spiritler

Levi : trying to fight me is like asking to get fragged
*DEAD* Levi : shit

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