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Death is simple, it's actually quite comfortable. We are afraid of losing all the things we cling to in life, we're right to be afraid, we do lose everything. Well except ourselves, we get to keep that, we get to continue on afterwards like life was just a visit to the playground. Because that's exactly what it is, and we're just going home...

What is the meaning of life? The purpose of it all? Why are we here?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Too easy! We are simply here to live life, that is the meaning of life, our purpose and so on.
Life was designed to be painful, depressing and extremely uncomfortible. It was also designed to be wonderful and full of love and glory, but so many get caught in their misery that misery is all they know and they love it, they won't ever say it because that's not what you're supposed to do, you're supposed to hate being in misery.

Death is the release of the purpose of life, it can come in many many different forms, sometimes peacefully, sometimes very dramatic and stessful.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is stupidity, arrogence is bliss. Selfish arrogence is what we love, we love being the victem of the world around us. Everything is everybody else's fault, society's fault, god's fault, whatever. But never is it our fault, how could it be? Why would I make my own life so miserable? Because we're addicted to it, we get a little hit off of moping and saying "Oh poor me" all the time.

So then, what is the persuit of happiness? Quite simply how it sounds, the persuit of love, persuit of peace, persuit of 'enlightenment' perhaps. Always persueing it, never really finding it. See the problem is that we're always looking for it, never really truely finding it because it is not found, it is created. We create our own happiness, our own success, our own love. Hell even the renowned Neil Degrasse Tyson said it!

"The most successful people recognize, that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation."

Our misery is our own, our love is our own, everything we experience is our own creation, yes even when it seems others are the ones causing you pain.
We are the masters and the destroyers of our own lives.
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