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I make SFM crap. Hope you like it.
PLEASE read the FAQ + leave a comment on my profile first before adding me otherwise I will not accept your friend request!

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About Me + FAQ
You may also know me as all my Friends! before uberchain. :summerghost:

• Why didn't you accept my friend request?
You probably didn't leave a comment on my profile before adding me, my friends list filled up, or I might be too busy to accept your friend request.

• Wait, I was on your friends list before! Why did you remove me?!
We either didn't talk too much or I accidentally removed you, it probably wasn't personal. I apologize if you were removed, you're welcome to add me again but PLEASE leave a comment.

• Will you make me a poster/my loadout/team poster?
Poster commissions are currently OPEN . Add me to ask me about rates! I do not accept TF2 items or Stream wallet cash. I do desktop sizes, transparent renders, or custom print sizes.

• Will you animate a video for me or what I need?
Video commissions are currently OPEN. Add me to ask me about rates! I do not accept TF2 items or Stream wallet cash. I can charge by the hour or flat depending on what you're comfortable with.

• Will you teach me/mentor me in Source Filmmaker?
Please check my terrible tutorials first [uberchain.tumblr.com] as well as other tutorials and guides on the SFM Steam page.

• Do you know how to model?
No, I'm a concept artist and render artist, sorry! Anything that seems custom within an SFM work is either reskinned or a mish-mash of many models together in Source Filmmaker.

• Will you sign my items?
Yes, send me a trade offer with Gift Wrap and/or Name Tags HERE and I'll make sure they get back to you. I also do Giftapult signing if you do not have Gift Wrap. MAKE SURE TO SEND ME YOUR TRADE URL IN THE TRADE OFFER MESSAGE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ME ADDED so I can send the signed item back to you, and make sure to confirm your e-mail when you send me your trade!

• Are you currently on a team? Will you join mine?
Currently I'm too busy to invest or play in a competitive team. Sorry!

• What big projects have you or are you currently part of?
- Tip of the Hats (Animation Lead + Concept Artist)
- Ascent Esports (Chief Marketing Officer, Graphic Artist)
- Teamfortress.tv (Graphics/Promotional Artist, Writer)
- FUCKYEAHTF2 (Blog Admin, Tumblr vs Reddit S2 NA West Admin)
- "The Jewel Escapade" Saxxy Awards 2014 (Sound Assistant)
- Project UniREform LAN Jerseys (Reskin Artist + Animator)
- KritzKast (Blog Admin)
- TFCrew (Member)

DeviantArt: http://uberchain.deviantart.com :sushidad:
Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/uberchainYT :sushidad:
Tumblr: http://uberchain.tumblr.com :sushidad:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uberchain :sushidad:
Patreon: http://patreon.com/uberchain :sushidad:
Workshop Showcase
The balance of this world has been restored.

Model & materials by Constructor
Rigging & compiling by MaxOfS2D
Original concept by Py-Bun & Uberchain


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pravus ∴ Feb 20 @ 12:03am 
It was so nice to see you again at Rewind LAN II! Ready Up was emotionally wonderful and thank you for everything you done for our community. <3
7 ppaleun <8 Feb 19 @ 3:56pm 
Absolutely love everything you have done and are continuing to do for the community, including Ready Up. Much love <3
Tails Feb 19 @ 1:00am 
big fan of you're work added to talk. also the speech you gave at rewind was very enotional very beautiful so keep up the great work!
percocetsoccermom84 Jan 20 @ 5:53pm 
added to ask for art
a box with a knife Jan 17 @ 9:18am 
Quick question. Did you put a glitched specialized killstreak on your memory maker?
UltraPhi Jan 16 @ 6:01pm 
Heya, first time event organiser! Added to ask for help regarding how I can get an event badge implemented into TF2, along with help finding a freelance modeller.