Beverly Hills, California, United States
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I'm darker then this box irl
TF2 comp player and trader. Add me if you would like, I accept everyone. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to scam me, its a waste of both of our time, many have attempted and it never works.
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Stupid quote wall
PlayBoi BaegL: Spooky Verkäuferin: ♕supreme: spooky
♕supreme: can u say baegL sucks
PlayBoi BaegL: YEAH
PlayBoi BaegL: SEE
PlayBoi BaegL: ur my bitch
PlayBoi BaegL: not his
Spooky Verkäuferin: ill succ :)
PlayBoi BaegL: tell me right now
PlayBoi BaegL: who owns u?
Spooky Verkäuferin: chu
PlayBoi BaegL: thats right
Spooky Verkäuferin:
PlayBoi BaegL: hoe
PlayBoi BaegL: thats my bitch
PlayBoi BaegL: LIL BITCH
♕supreme: lmao
PlayBoi BaegL: i been in the GAME FOR YEARS
PlayBoi BaegL: u just a freshman to this shit
PlayBoi BaegL: i been GRADUATED
♕supreme: LOL
PlayBoi BaegL: yuhyuhyuh
PlayBoi BaegL: just swerving thru my ends
♕supreme: this is going on my profile

Bowserr_: you have autism

Bowserr_: I will eat your ass if you hti me with that invite
♕supreme: first the ass eating
Bowserr_: how do I eat your ass over internet
Bowserr_: let me
Bowserr_: know
♕supreme: u just stick your tounge in
♕supreme: my butt
Bowserr_: :P (*)
♕supreme: LOL

♕supreme: yo
♕supreme: u tryna fuk?
jake.: sorry i have a boyfriend
♕supreme: FUCK!!!!!!!

PlayBoi BaegL: add me for nudes
PlayBoi BaegL: daddy
PlayBoi BaegL: fuck
PlayBoi BaegL: wrong chat
♕supreme: uhhhh
PlayBoi BaegL: that was for bowserr
PlayBoi BaegL: FUCK
PlayBoi BaegL: i mean
PlayBoi BaegL: lizar
PlayBoi BaegL: no
PlayBoi BaegL: gungon
♕supreme: ok....
PlayBoi BaegL: love u
PlayBoi BaegL: fag

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ugc s21 iron 6s (ErA)-roamer
ugc s22 steel 6s (ErA)-roamer
ugc s22 steel HL (LSD)-spy
ugc s9 steel 4s (Big Game Hunter)-soldier
ugc s23 steel 6s (ErA)-demo
ugc s23 steel Hl (Pack o Five Gum)-spy
ugc s10 silver 4s (Big Game Hunter)-demo
ugc s24 silver 6s (Gaggle of Geese)-demo
ugc s24 silver Hl (Pack o 5 gum)-spy
ugc s11 silver 4s (Big Game Hunter)-demo
ugc s25 plat 6s (T U R B O T H O T S)-demo
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NA Silver HighLander: Pack O' 5 Gum []
NA Platinum 6s: TU R B O T H O T S []
NA Gold 4s: Big Game Hunter []
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Leader of a Plat team: T U R B O T H O T S []
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Scout: Gungon
Scout: Jake
Soldier: BaegL
Soldier: Khil
Demo: Steel Demo
Medic: Spooky
Ring Me
6s demo & soldier open/ any ugc division
HL spy,demo & soldier Silver and below
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