UGC snowblind
UGC Web Admin
I am currently the Overwatch Head Admin with UGC. Previously I was the HL Head Admin. I have been an admin with UGC since 2010.

Former Teams:
Admin Abuse! - UGC HL S10 Gold
Banana Hammocks - UGC HL S9 Platinum
Magnolia Thunderkitty UGC HL S8 Steel
Institute of Oral Love - UGC 6s S11 Silver
SYOPS - ESEA-IM S11 & S12 (backup)
Reloaded - ESEA-O S11
Dogma - ESEA-IM S9 & S10
Incesstual Princesses - ESEA-IM S9
Xensity - ESEA-O S9 (backup)
HSE/Blight/Imposters - ESEA-O S8
Kamikaze Kangaroos - CEVO-M
ORZ - ESEA-O S7 (backup)
Magnolia Thunderkitty - Ran for 2 years and played in UGC, STA, XPL, TWL Div 2, CEVO-A & M & briefly ESEA-O S7
Lonely Hearts Club - 8v8 UGC team
The Jobbers - 8v8 UGC team
The Pact - 8v8 team STA/UGC team
Shogun - TFC
There were a couple of others from TFC and QWTF that I can't remember the
names of now.
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