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S E V E N T Y  N I G G A ?
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quid can u be my father
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If this guy was Indian...his parents would find him a wife, they'd know someone who would give him a job, and it would be strange if he didn't live with them. Plus they would be very very happy he'd graduated!
gaelic goblin Jul 27 @ 6:20am 
honestly people are fucking stupid when they say that there are absoluetly no benefits to smoking, why the hell would people smoke then. It's so easy to socialise and break the ice when you smoke, same as drinking beer, except it doesn't make you retarded and fat. It used to prove you were more mature, outgoing, and daring ergo why people did it, to make friends and pick up chicks. This is still true in many countries like France, it's somewhat retarded if you see no reason to be social but otherwise it's actually justified though I think vaping is a safer alternative now a days.