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HelenAngel 's only-average husband.

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Well, hello there.
I do not accept friend requests. If you want to ask something, post a thread on the forums and it'll be brought to my attention.

Juicy quotes from... juicy? people.

20:34 - Sneeza™: I was reading about the other steps
20:34 - Sneeza™: Like config and stuff

17:35 - HelenAngel: Across digital fields, across the dusty domains
17:36 - HelenAngel: 'twas a lad named Sneeza among the fair thains.
17:36 - HelenAngel: His Outpost thus grew, not by might of the sword
17:37 - HelenAngel: but by desires of traders, some shrewd & some bored.
17:38 - HelenAngel: With his mighty banhammer he crushed wicked men
17:38 - HelenAngel: banished them thus, all of them and their ken
17:39 - HelenAngel: To this a song of such greatness is wrote
17:39 - HelenAngel: Though I have yet to pen but a note
17:40 - HelenAngel: The songs that we hear are the praise of the land!
17:40 - HelenAngel: "It's an Outpost thang, you wouldn't understand"
17:40 - HelenAngel: -bows-

16:50 - Sneeza™: hahahahhahhahahhah your s ofuny
16:50 - Zemnmez: that space and switched letter is fucking priceless
16:50 - Zemnmez: well played 7/10 I alugehed

18:10 - Zemnmez: which I'm pretty jelly of becuase I've wanted an MRI scan for ages

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norris55 Dec 3 @ 8:11am 
want to exchange three things: a cloak, boots and shirt
Merry _ Zenith Nov 7 @ 6:55am
This account is pretending to be an Outpost admin for a complex third party scam. Would like to notify you since you are a legitimate administrator.
Account is clearly bought from someone else, that's why he has 13 years of service.
Water Bottles Nov 2 @ 2:55am 
Hey man! I want to become tf2 outpost Premium, is it possible that i can pay in pure keys in tf2? and how much, pls send me your steam url if u accept keys and also how long will it take to be Premium for a admin to make me Premium.
Fayt Oct 15 @ 11:49am 
as part of the outpost community, i request an achievement server for some people who are looking for one
Hey... How was Fisk banned, and why? and if being rude, what happened. I have questions. please answer
Sudden Oct 10 @ 5:31pm 
I wasn't able to grab the name "PUBG Outpost" as a Steam Group, but I did get "PUBGOutpost", without the space. I grabbed it for you to use for your new site. Please add me so that I can send you an invite and make you the administrator.