Steve Lin   San Francisco, California, United States
Hi there! If there's something I can help you with, you can reach me by DMing @misterslin on Twitter or slin#9858 [] on Discord.

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About Me
Started competitive TF2 in Fall 2009.

LAN Tournaments
Intel LANFest Sacramento 2012 - 3rd Place
Intel LANFest Sacramento 2013 - 1st Place
Intel LANFest Sacramento 2014 - 1st Place
DreamHack Austin 2016 - 1st Place

Online Tournaments
CommFT Highlander Tournament: Oedipus and the Motherfuckers - 3rd Place

ESEA-IM S8: Mediocre at Best - 14th Place
ESEA-IM S9: Stay Classy - 5th Place (Backup)
ESEA-O S10: Jamtown Jesus Jambori - 3rd Place
ESEA-IM S11: Jamtown Jesus Jambori - DNF
ESEA-Open S11: Deltafox Gaming - 2nd Place
ESEA-IM S13: IM Illuminati - DNF
ESEA-IM S13: eGO (Backup) - 9th Place
ESEA-I S14: Vector Gaming - DNF
ESEA-O S15: Unannounced Pleasure - 6th Place
ESEA-O S16: Goldman Sachs - 2nd Place
ESEA-IM S17: Goldman Sachs - 9th Place
ESEA-IM S22: Dead Babies Mad Gunz - 1st Place
ESEA-I S26: Black Swan - 7th Place

UGC Platinum HL S9: The Syndicate (Backup) - 3rd Place
UGC Platinum HL S12: MURDERFORCE9000 (Backup) - 3rd Place
UGC Platinum HL S14: Wu Tang Killa Bees (Backup) - 15th Place
UGC Platinum 6v6 S16: Subliminal - 2nd Place
UGC Platinum 6v6 S17: Subliminal - 11th Place
UGC Platinum 6v6 S18: ^Greatness - 1st Place
UGC Gold 4v4 S5: YEREMYFANBOYS - 7th Place

OZF-IM (Roster-Ride) - 2nd Place AND Medic of the Season LUL

Old Leagues
TWL S5: Inertia
TWL S6: Jones Bigass BBQ and TF2 Team
TWL S7: Kickin' It Old School
TWL S8 Div 1: Fuck I'm Drunk - 1st Place
CEVO-A S5: Violent Industries Revolution - 1st Place
CEVO-A S6: Natures
CEVO-M S7: 22d
CEVO-O S8: Superior Posterior (Backup)
Favorite Group
MR SLIN's Stream - Public Group
Thanks for checking out my stream!
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Hemp 57 minutes ago 
I twitch subscribed for the lollllzzzz!
You Mad Bruh? Feb 17 @ 3:50am 
Hey, interested in trading for one of your fabricators, interested in trading? Sent request.
Ascent Nursey # Feb 8 @ 11:15pm 
How much skill do you have?

GetDownWithTheThiccness Feb 7 @ 9:31pm 
Hey, you have a person on your friends list named Froyo Blaze who has an alt that proceeded to enable a hackers actions in a casual match. I'd like repercussions to be taken asap in order to reprimand his actions. His alt account is
-ʘɌ- Aqua Marine Feb 1 @ 5:09pm 
i am adding you about a small charity event
Kaptain Kunt Jan 25 @ 11:15am 
vary sexxxx