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"The beginning is always a delicate time and being exposed to a peculiar subculture at an early age can keep you trapped within from that point on. A color palette that stirs your imagination and despite the lowfi nature of the graphics moves you somewhere reminiscent of how a book can." -Dubmood

Who the hell is this guy?

Hi, I'm SLADE. I'm a technicolor fox who listens to obscure shit music and plays ancient, overly difficult video games. I'm also a Lua scripter, Photoshop aficionado, IT buff, webserver guru, and gearhead.

Please bear in mind, I reserve the right to deny any friend or group requests I get. If I do not know you or recognize you, I most likely will not accept your request. If you urgently need me for something, please leave a comment as to why you are adding me. I also tend to clean up my list occasionally of people I generally do not speak to very much. It's nothing personal; I'm just trying to keep things organized. Thank you for your understanding! If I've added you preemptively, we've either played something together or I know you from somewhere.


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[LOS]Avatar Nil 19 sept. à 6h07 
please accept
NocFA 16 sept. à 18h01 
Thank you for all the years of laughs best404 has given me,
The legacy of that place will never be forgotten -
Best of luck with future projects and life itself.

--dunno if you run/maintain/etc. I just know you were the author of the post informing its death.
kitkwinsky 15 sept. à 15h28 
dab dab dab dab
noize 15 sept. à 0h16 
I'm from the Discord. ^^;
[DG] Nate 12 sept. à 12h00 
Cool Mods Mate
[NL] Wesley 12 sept. à 11h36 
I want to hire you for my furryRP please accept