A few things you need to know about me!

>I'm always trading,feel free to add me to discuss a trade (offer)
>Don't add me to try and scam me,you WILL waste your time and you'll probably get a negative trust rating on and a case report on Steamrep
>If you are rude during a trading session , you will most likely get blocked
>Exterme lowballs deserve a block

I'm a broker so if you want me to sell your unusuals then feel free to do so!

I'm also a rocket jumper so feel free to share demos!

Useful trade links!

Trade offer link


My link

My Steamrep page

My trust

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Edwinzz LFT 4s / pan Mar 18 @ 8:27am 
hey how much more i need to add on top of my Strange GE trucker for ur antlers ???
AddiBot Mar 14 @ 3:02am 
added to trade
Rave_Spy | Mar 10 @ 1:36am 
Added to discuss
zoomma b> qs w/ 145keys Mar 9 @ 7:38am 
added to discuss an offer you sent me
Skye Mar 8 @ 3:36pm 
>Exterme lowballs deserve a block
Skye Mar 8 @ 3:35pm 
Read my profile before you post stupid shit like that on my profile