Im skeletal, you should check out my channel. Look up Lord Skeletal on youtube.

also down here is something i very much want
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Hi, if you are reading this you probably think a really nice guy or a vengeful asshole. My name is Skeletal and you probably found this profile because I use my mic a lot or something bad happened to me. Let me give you some information. I'm 5'11 ft/1.8m and I'm really chill when im not pissed off. I'm a needy little bitch and i love it. If you wanna give me attention i more than welcome to it. I'm smart, but i say stupid shit. I listen to a lot of music except lil wayne because he's crap. i get told a lot that im adorable so if you are curious about how i look, i'll show you without hesitation. I dont know what else to except pm me if you're bored or wanna comment on something.

Nickname from most people: Skelly
Number(for people in us): ask
instagram: Skelly_aaron
Snapchat: lord_skeletal

if you have nothing else to do message me on here. most of the time I'll respond unless I'm afk.

Ask me for what I'm getting rid of cause I don't feel like updating everyday.

I'm tired and I don't get enough sleep.

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neemo | Busy Apr 14 @ 6:27am 
Hey, unfortunately the bot doesn't register item offers well at all so yeah, the bot isn't buying the pro ks wrench so it doesn't have a value assigned to it. If you offered a 1:1 trade with the wrench for the ghosts nappers respite, it'd be too low sadly considering there's sellers at 23 keys :x
[xG] Raul :v Apr 11 @ 9:17am 
xg:m soisus Apr 3 @ 10:11pm 
xg:m soisus: do you wanna play l4d2 with vac and i?
[xG:M] Skelly is now Online.
[xG:M] Skelly: Im goo keyboar still broken
xg:m soisus: lmao
xg:m soisus: can you spell the alphabet out for me?
[xG:M] Skelly: fuck you
xg:m soisus: jeez, your keyboard really is broken
xg:m soisus: theres a lot of letters missing from that
xLucky / Mar 25 @ 11:26am 
+rep :D
xLucky / Mar 25 @ 10:24am 
I just sent you a tradeoffer
myth Mar 22 @ 9:16pm 
deadass you look like

a nice person, +rep