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Regular track racing is what I am most familiar with. GT, Indy and Oval is what I consider regular. There is only one professional grade simulation solution when it comes to regular racing. Difting now has a professional level simulator. Peak Angle is for those that want to drif and only drift. With either a controller or steering wheel (I know keyboard works but have not tried it) You can slide around varous circuits across the globe. Do not judge this by my video below. I did not know what I was doing. Since that video I have gotten better at this and that has translated to other non-drift focused titles. There is a different side to Peak Angle that I find almost as much fun as drifting. That is making the car look the way I want it to look. If You have the time and the creativity, You can make a almost any vector graphic in full color on Your vehicle. I had neither so there is just preset text on 2 of my cars. I recommend this to everyone who has drifted on purpose in their current racing title(s) of choice. Have You ever wondered why some people have wheels that poke out at the bottom of a car that looks too stiff and low to drive? Peak Angle will explain it. Do You know the difference between drifting and getting sideways? Here is a hint: Some of us can drift in a straight line while using the driver (or passenger) door to see straight ahead. Peak Angle. You will learn not only about drifting but about setting up the car to handle/perform accrding to your tastes. Do You wrench on Your tuner in real life? Why not test some setups in here before you go burn the clutch in that RX7 you just modified for competition? Do You just want to enjoy a few slides without the reckless driving ticket? I recommend this to anyone looking for fun behind the wheel.

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