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Early Access Review
Disclaimer: I know nothing of rollerblading other than watching a few freely televised competitions.

If you are among the people who watched (or helped) rollerblading go from an idea to a form of transportation/fitness to a full blown sport complete with different catagories within said sport, you should play this. Of course it is not realistic, we do not have USB rollerblades and that's probably for the best. What is realistic is the amount of fun you can have. What impressed me the most is the game (as of the time of this review) is not complete and it still has more playable content than any other dedicated rollerblading title I've seen. The tutorial will answer any questions you might have and is enjoyable to play. The tutorial will not help you do any of this in real life.

Here is some fact-free trivia.. Did you know that On a Roll is short for "On a roll downhill to get to the skatepark I built up there on the 6th Wednesday" ?

EDIT: You can ride around the abandoned waterpark. Everything I typed pales in comparison.
Posted August 31. Last edited September 1.
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The odds of you being able to read this and simultaineously not know what a Lego is could be literally right next to impossible. About 2 or 3 mm away most. Parents, your feet will thank you if you get this. Your children will also have the power of Lego to expand thier mind. I would be lying if I said this is only for kids. There is not an adult on this planet who would not be able to find some fun in Lego Worlds. If you enjoyed any of the lego movies, this will put a smile on your face. If You are a master builder who is capable of reconstructing even the most intricate Lego creation... you guessed it...this is for you twice. I will confess that I was happy with my puchase before I even played. The intro was worth the price. The vehicles, the places, the little Lego people, it's all here in full Lego awesomeness.
Posted August 20.
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Early Access Review
I see where this is going and I like it. We needed a modern version of the "drive to unlock things" type of driving/racing game. At the time of this review I am only ~42 minutes in and have already seen enough to assure me that the finished product could be something that is enjoyed by the masses. Being that this is in such early stages, I will not talk about the vehicles other than to say that your wheel/pedals will work and you can drive as calm or as crazy as you please. I recommend this to everyone who wants to drive with others around a very large island while collecting vehicles and property. The idea might sound familiar but this is not the same old game. Those differences will set this apart from the others. I also recommend this game to anyone who wants to explore in a land vehicle. You do not have to race, you coul just cruise and listen to music. You could go watch the sunset on a cliff. It will be interesting to see where they take this and I'm hoping I'm not alone in this ride.
Posted August 20.
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Hunting Simulator requires patience, a little sneaking around quietly and timing. If you are looking for instant gratification, this is not for you. If you are able to wait for the perfect shot, this is right up your alley. With ~5 hours in, I have still only explored a fraction of the first 2 maps and only unlocked 4 things. That shows that this is not going to be something that ends in a day and that is good.

Of course shooting an animal in real life is different than on a screen. I am not here to argue any differences, questions of morality or any other feelings/emotions/issues/opinions on that. I will say this is realistic enough for me, no animals get hurt or eaten or worn and I do not have to throw my clothes away when I am done. I have lost track of my kill in this simulator and I am sure I would make that inevitably stinky mistake in real life. In all honesty, if I need binoculars or a scope to hit a target, I'm probably not going to walk that far to pick it up and carry it anywhere to clean and cook it.

Bullet Time... turned it off... no need to discuss it

I recommend this to anyone who thinks they want to go get take out in a more interesting way. Luckly no one is writing a review of my jokes. If you have ever (or never) missed the perfect shot, get this right now. If you do not want to explain to your daughter why you can kill certain animals and not others, get 2 copies of this and save 1 for when she is old enough to shoot. To be fair, you do not have to kill anything. You can walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Posted August 7.
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Early Access Review
We can finally build and race professional slot cars. The key word in this is build. For the uninitiated, building is the equivelant of tuning. To acvhive this, parts on cars this small are usually replaced, added and/or removed as opposed to cars that are large enough to have adjustable parts. With that out of the way.....on to the review.

There are many words that describe how we feel about things. I am going to try not to use any of those words. It will be difficult do to the level of awesome they have achived in simulating real slot cars. This is not the TCR type of track and car, not the tyco, not the cliffhangers, this is a simulation of professional slot cars. The speed is unreal and I mean that in a good way. Even with the stock engine I was able to lose control and leave the track easily. You actually have to slow down at times. The car can be too fast for full speed on certain straights. Thats when I knew they (VSC Dev1 and Team) knew what to do to make this the most realistic slot car experience to date. That is not suprising to me since they made the previous best slot car title. The difference is this one is a true simulator with unapologetically accurate physics. It even looks like the cars weigh the same as real slot cars. This is that detailed.

They included a track creation tool built right into this.

If you know or want to know what top level slot car racing looks like, this is for you. If you are tired of replacing your real slot car stuff, this is for you. If the thought of your cat, bird, dog, curious child, etc. no longer being able to join in your miniature racing racing sounds too good to be true, this is for you. If you have never driven/raced/crashed a slot car ad want to give it a go, this is perfect for beginners as well.


Posted June 16. Last edited August 8.
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Getting a new rc car has been a thought that has been tempting me for years. I knew this is what the pros use to practice so I figured I'm not a pro but I can practice too. It took no time at all to realize I do not need a new rc car. There is no longer a desire to get plastic flex tubing to outline the track that surely would have destroyed my backyard and part of the property value. This will not replace real racing but I have no business on a real rc track anyway so this is a win for everyone. The only difference (to me) between the way these cars handle and real rc cars is one is on the screen and looks like a simulator. I recommend this to anyone who is even remotely curious about professional radio controlled cars and trucks for racing. I also recommend this as a supplement to any controller based driving you are doing now. This could also make for interesting "team building" excercises around the office. Single player, multiplayer, vehicle setups, and more make this the complete rc land racing solution. You could just ignore this review and note that Team Associated cars and trucks are in here which is more than reason enough to buy this.
Posted April 27. Last edited April 30.
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I did not want to review this. Not because there is anything wrong. It is because it is chess. I like chess. Lots of people like chess. It is not a game that can change drastically or dramatically. It is chess. As long as there is a board with the correct number of squares, the correct number of chess pieces and it all works... there is nothing else to do. I do recommend this to anyone who has not played chess as it will not let you move a piece into a place it cannot go. You can also click a button and learn the history of chess. The interface is easy to navigate. Bumblebee did a nice job at making sure this can be played by as many people as possible. This makes a great addition to the chess games you already have or the perfect chess game to learn how to play. Like math, chess is a universal language. This can help you speak that language fluently. On an important and slightly related sidenote: math and (some form of) chess would be some of the things we have in common with beings from other planets. I also recomend this to anyone who has a checkerboard because you are already half way there. You might as well see what else that thing can do.
Posted April 24.
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I thought this review would take alot longer. I expected to open the Leadwerks Engine and be immediatly immersed in frustration. That was not the case. As I told the fine people at Leadwerks, I am not a Developer nor am I involved in the scene in any way. It would seem that Leadwerks might change that. While what I "made" in the 2 or so hours of getting familiar with this amounts to the beginnings of toiletware/uninstall practice, the potential is vast even for someone in my position. That position being one who really has no idea what they are doing. Even if I did manage to master Leadwerks it dawned on me that I would not know what to make. With almost endless possibilities they are all becoming blurred into a single smile. This starts with the traditional 4 view layout. It is almost too much to imagine that almost anything I want can happen in those windows. To keep thoughts like that in check, they have toolbars similar to the ones you are already using in any other program. The included prefabs can get you going a little faster if you are already familiar with the basics. I started (and still am) at the beginning since this is the first game engine I have done anything with. The included tutorials are getting me through anything foriegn at the moment and doing a good job at it. While it may be months before I have anything to show the public, I know that time will not be spent angrily finishing a project in a program I wish I did not have to use. Instead, I will smile at the power that Leadwerks has in an easy to use interface. This review is really for those of you who are thinking about getting Leadwerks but do not want to spend the next 3 years learning it. If You can export an FBX file in whatever you used to make the 3d model, you probably know enough to at least move around in Leadwerks. It is when you get something positioned and hit the play button that the awesome starts. I recommend this to the 3D modelers who want to make interactive animations, games, simulations and almost anything else. If You are not a modeler you can always use free models and/or purchase others. You can make the 3D simulation you always dreamed of. You an create the game that everyone wants to play. Luckily for you they did not use those cheesy phrases or Leadworks might still be just an idea. This is where we cut to a wide shot of me in a Leadwerks T-Shirt giving you a thumbs up. Press X to start.
Posted April 22.
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Early Access Review
This is deformable vehicle physics at it's finest. It looks good and is enjoyable to drive. You can use a controller, wheel/pedals or keyboard for controls. Both the controller and the wheel settings are configurable. Vehicle customization is easy and intuitive while the track selection is just as pleasant. You can hop right in and go if You choose. You can play with objectives. You can even build your own vehicles with a little external editing. I have seen airplanes and boats that work perfectly. There are not many limitations with this one. I recommend this for the advanced vehicle tinkerer or modeler. I also recommend this to everyone who is into driving simulators and games as this is a perfect companion to anything you are currently driving.
Posted April 19. Last edited April 19.
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I have no idea how realistic this is compared to a real truck and I do not care. This is fun. A LOT of fun. With so many reviews before this one, there might not be anything to say that has not been said. They did a great job condensing the areas of the cities that I am familiar with. I'll bet the rest of them are just as good. If for some reason this is the only review you have read of this and are still wondering if you should buy it...stop wondering and add it to the cart. You will not be dissapointed. I recommend this to anyone who already enjoys driving simulators and games. I also recommend this to anyone who is wondering what it is like to drive across america. It will take a while but eventually they will have all the states that are able to be reached via truck. Be careful, the scenery might distract you with it's detail.
Posted April 19.
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