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Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:49am

Never retreat, never surrender!

Win a match by penalty kicks
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 8:34pm

Evenly Matched

End a tournament match in a draw
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:38am

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Score a goal with a bicycle kick
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:49am

Missed it by a Pixel

Miss a penalty kick for the first time
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:55am

Story of my Life

Trip over the ball while attempting a penalty kick
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 3:00am


Score a goal against your own team
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:48am


Score your first penalty goal
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 2:43am

First Timer

Score your first goal
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:31am

Precise Shot!

Score a goal by doing a precision shot
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:23am


Perform 10 tackles
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:50am

Hardcore Legbreaker

Perform 50 tackles
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 2:51am

Mano a Mano

Play a player versus player match
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:42am

Les Dogues

Win a match in Stade Pierre Mauroy
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:56am

Droit au but

Win a match in Stade Velodrome
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:49am

Per Tolosa totjorn mai

Win a match in Stadium Municipal
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:35am

Walk in the Parc

Win a match in Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:56am

Easy Game, Easy Life

Win a competition with a team that has an average star rating of 4 or more
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 6:56am

Git Gud

Lose your first match

Winning Ten

Win a match with 10 goals or more

Through Wind and Rain

Win a match in each weather condition

The Long Match

Win a 10 minute long match

That Was Fast

Win a 1 minute long match

Flash Match

Win a match in super fast speed setting

Snail Play

Win a match in slow speed setting

Rise Against the Machine

Win a match against a computer opponent in hard difficulty


Win a friendly match


Win 50 friendly matches

You shall not pass!

Win a match using the Catenaccio formation


Play a match with Rainbow FC

I played Football before it was cool!

Play a match with Hipster FC

Only 50s kids will get this reference

Play a match with Maracana FC

Hell Hath no Fury

Play a match with Hurricane FC


Play a match with Diamond FC

Game Studio of the year 10/10

Play a match with Batovi FC


Play a match with Singleton FC

Better than Barça!

Play a match with Tiki Taka FC


Score a goal with a head hit


Score a goal with a scissor kick


Block a shot with a scorpion kick

Hold the Goal!

Save your first penalty kick


Save 10 penalty kicks


Save 50 penalty kicks

El Loco la Pica

Score your first penalty goal with a controlled shot

It's not over until it's over!

Reach round ten in penalty kicks

Long Distance Relationship

Score a midfield goal for the first time

One does not simple walk into...

Walk into the goal with the ball

Rising Dragon Shot!

Score a goal by charging your shot to max power

Hat Trick

Score three goals with the same player

Competition Master

Win every competition

World Champion

Win the World Cup

Women World Champion

Win the Women's World Cup

Pixel Tournament Champion

Win the Pixel Tournament

Pixel League Champion

Win the Pixel League

Euro Champion

Win the Eurocup

American Champion

Win the Copa America Centenario

Family Friendly

Reach a competition's final in party mode

Battle Bots

Watch a computer versus computer match

Across the USA

Win a match in every USA stadium


Win a match in every stadium


Win a match in every European stadium

Cidade de deus

Win a match in Santa Marta Stadium


Win a match in Olympic Stadium


Win a match in Defenders Stadium

Amsterdam and Colombes

Win a match in Centenary Stadium

Golden Bowl

Win a match in Golden Bowl Stadium

Wild Life Lover

Win a match in The Forest Stadium

Clean Shaven

Win a match in Gillette Stadium


Win a match in CenturyLink Field

Ring around the Rose Bowl

Win a match in Rose Bowl Stadium


Win a match in MetLife Stadium

A bowl of Lemons

Win a match in Citrus Bowl

I wear the pants in this match

Win a match in Levi's Stadium.

Century Champion

Win a match in Century Champion Stadium

Vive la France!

Win a match in Stade de France

Les Sang et Or

Win a match in Stade Bollaert-Delelis

Boys vs Girls

Play a match of men versus women teams


Lose a match playing a men's team against a woman's team


Lose a match playing a woman's team against a men's team

Underdog Champion

Win a competition with a team that has an average star rating of 2 or less

Get Rekt

Lose 50 matches

Rodry Goal

Score a goal with Rodry

El Pistolero

Score a goal with Luis


Score a goal with Lionel


Win 2 to 1 with Uruguay against Brazil


Win 7 to 1 with Germany against Brazil