Looking for magic.
Let's be happy?

(TEAM) Deepfried Monkey : nok speaks too cute, rainee is too mean, our med suicides for engy
(TEAM) Nok : Dream team :>

Nokturnal: I'm hungry
Pikey_ #:
Pikey_ #: teehee
Nokturnal: Awww
Pikey_ #: would you eat him?
Nokturnal: Nope o.o Why should I?
Pikey_ #: o.o because you are hungry
Nokturnal: But he might die if I eat him. And I don't want this cat to die =\
Pikey_ #: he wont die, he will sit in your tummy
Pikey_ #: and go
Pikey_ #: meow
Pikey_ #: meow
Pikey_ #: meow
Nokturnal: Pikey, I don't wanna have anything meowing from inside
Pikey_ #: haha omg
Pikey_ #: that sounded super wierd xd

Ethosaur: awww :<
Ethosaur: I would erase it for you <:
Nokturnal: haha
Nokturnal: Thanks

(TEAM) fenneks : i got your voice as my hitsound

[SM] ADMIN: Played sound to all players
[Donor] Nok : Please ;-; These sounds are too spooky
[SM] ADMIN: Played sound to Nok

MonsterRoar: Usually it is unusual

Neodimium : !hug nok
Nok : why?
Neodimium : !dont hug nok

4:26 - _ppy: I'm just like your cookies
4:26 - _ppy: half-sweet, half-salty

_ppy: I have strong lips :D

11:52 - nok: Good morning
11:53 - cc//Maybe ღ: Good moaning to you too
11:53 - cc//Maybe ღ: Oh lol auto correct phone smh

*DEAD* fluffle pillow : i can orbit like pro but direct like 4 year old driving a car drunk while sleeping

nok: I am hungry though
klay: get food, get lunchbox

2:40 - _ppy: OH MY
2:40 - _ppy: holy mother of belly rubbies

(TEAM) WalkingDead : KICK PPY + NOK - they r cheaters - hide at enemis

SnureexX : I am free to play
TheHelpfulHelper : you're free to shut up

22:53 - _py: your eyebrows are jumping more than I am

Assassin {G.E.W.P} : nok is a kind person
Assassin {G.E.W.P} : but she is a girl

20:40 - Hass: wtf i love pussy

[PCOD] [Rize] Flufflepillow : guys i am very bad at shooting i aimed at the sky and hit my target

22:10 - Maybe ღ: I can enjoy those babies 24/7
22:10 - Maybe ღ: fuck
22:10 - Maybe ღ: you can*

klay: good night
klay: swett dreams
klay: fuck
klay: sweat
Nokturnal: xD
klay: FUCK
klay: SWEET
klay: omg
Nokturnal: let's say you killed me

23:21 - Nok: Also I live longer than usual cats
23:21 - klay: you have 69 lives

sunneh : that's just ambarasing

Hunterro : !rep nok is hacker

23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: Ohh my fucking god
23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: yalkon
23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: noklay
23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: I got it just now.
23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: Im an idiot.
23:16 - TheHelpfulHelper: nok klay

*DEAD* Mr.Mango Man [EAT ME] : wtf
*DEAD* Mr.Mango Man [EAT ME] : dude
Ansalo™© : <3
*DEAD* Mr.Mango Man [EAT ME] : dont go inside me

(TEAM) Miko : Their combo in piss in river

Teasing corner:


I love you.
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your voice is really cute.
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bless you
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✦✧✦✧ Happy Eastern Time ✧✦✧✦
I hope you'll fine alot of and 's in your surrounding, well at least I will be your Cherries for all time
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