Shugo Takahashi
4:23 AM - Shugo: has anyone ever put an oculus rift on a monkey
4:24 AM - Archvile: lmfao.
4:24 AM - Archvile: what the fuck lmao
4:24 AM - Archvile: that's dangerous thinking, shugo

5:53 AM - Archvile: cockroaches
5:53 AM - Archvile: are so FUCKING gross
5:54 AM - Shugo: when I lived in hawaii we had the largest monster cockroaches
5:54 AM - Shugo: idk how it is in flarida
5:54 AM - Archvile: we have gigantic monsters here too
5:54 AM - Archvile: ones that, when you go to smush them, charge angrily at you
5:54 AM - Shugo: do they also have jaws
5:55 AM - Shugo: used to be so annoying waking up to some nibbling on my finger
5:55 AM - Archvile: WHAT
5:55 AM - Archvile: oh my god I would fucking expire
5:55 AM - Shugo: LOL
5:55 AM - Shugo: I'm joking
5:55 AM - Archvile: right in that moment, I would just cease to be
5:55 AM - Archvile: oh my god fuck
5:55 AM - Shugo: I'm so sorry

2:30 AM - Shugo: I'm actually not getting along bad in the jap ver of animal crossing
2:30 AM - Shugo: though I'm mostly doing chores and working to get dosh atm
2:31 AM - Shugo: can't really talk to villagers about anything
2:31 AM - Shugo: because I can't understand them lol
2:31 AM - Nikko: Hey, there, Shugo! Florp!
2:31 AM - Nikko: What's it like being mayor, florp?
2:31 AM - Nikko: I've been working out all day, so I can get nice and TOUGH!
2:31 AM - Nikko: But man, walking outside sure is relaxing, florp!
2:32 AM - Nikko: Psst, Shugo... I'm getting the feeling that I need to be a bit more... hip, florp.
2:32 AM - Nikko: What's the coolest thing these days?
2:32 AM - Shugo: lmfao
2:33 AM - Nikko: Lmfao?
2:33 AM - Nikko: AMAZING
2:33 AM - Nikko: Man, people will just LOVE me, lmfao!
2:33 AM - Nikko: I feel cooler already!
2:33 AM - Nikko: See you later, lmfao.

3:22 AM - Archvile: what's up dude
3:22 AM - Shugo: nm
3:22 AM - Shugo: chillin
3:22 AM - Shugo: (literally)
3:22 AM - Shugo: I finally found out why there was this unending stream of frozen death air coming from the bathroom down the hall
3:22 AM - Shugo: some idiot didn't shut the window all the way some ages ago
3:22 AM - Shugo: and nobody noticed because it looked shut but not quite
3:22 AM - Shugo: and because blinds
3:23 AM - Shugo: still doesn't solve the mystery of why my room specifically is always frozen
3:23 AM - Shugo: even with the door closed
3:23 AM - Shugo: and my pc running
3:23 AM - Shugo: and a fire burning in the center
3:23 AM - Shugo: and forty heaters lined up in a circle
3:23 AM - Archvile: and the walls made of hellstones
3:24 AM - Archvile: and a demon head summoned from another plane bore into your cieling and drooling molten lead into a pit of sacrifice in the floor
3:25 AM - Shugo: and five blankets on my bed, each woven from charred, eternally-embering hairs from satan's own mane
3:26 AM - Archvile: well there's your problem
3:26 AM - Archvile: satan actually lives in a frozen plane of hell where each of his three mouths chews on a different iconic betrayer
3:26 AM - Archvile: brutus, julius caesar's best friend who murdered him
3:27 AM - Archvile: judas, jesus's frat brother who stole his girl
3:27 AM - Archvile: and your mother for using teeth
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