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I do not kill with my gun, he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.

*DEAD* raxozellet : u shud name ur weapons ace of spades
Spades♠ : because i have a 1 in 52 chance of hitting a shot

2:13 AM - rj: spades
2:13 AM - rj: want to hear an epic story
2:14 AM - rj: okay so i went to see a movie tonight
2:14 AM - rj: and it ended at like midnight or something
2:14 AM - rj: and i was just hanging in the lobby of the theater with my squad
2:14 AM - rj: as the employees were closing everything up
2:14 AM - rj: and this dude walks up to us with 2 giant bags of popcorn that they were going to throw away
2:14 AM - rj: so now i have fucking 8 pounds of popcorn
2:14 AM - rj: what do i do with all this
2:14 AM - Spades♠: eat
2:15 AM - rj: theres so much
2:15 AM - rj: like holy shit
2:15 AM - Spades♠: dude movie popcorn is SACRED
2:15 AM - rj: this iis the best day of my lfie tbh
2:17 AM - rj: my keyboard is going to be buttery for weeks
fuzion (Score:20) defeats Spades♠ (Score:19) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle
Spades♠ (Score:20) defeats gravy (Score:15) in duel to 20 on Process Middle

12:44 AM - fen: i just wanted to poop really badly

brick: your memes are the best spades

5:57 PM - the: im a genius

32:40 Speak For Yourself: FUCK you spades
32:51 Speak For Yourself: GAy ass

5:53 PM - Mets:
5:54 PM - Spades♠:

Feroaffer changed team name to will
Feroaffer changed team name to you
Feroaffer changed team name to fuckin
Feroaffer changed team name to ready
Feroaffer changed team name to bitch?

6:16 PM - brick: i'm the real pussy magnet
6:16 PM - brick: one of my ex girlfriends even gave me a demoman hat with the name "Man Whore"
6:16 PM - brick: because of how women just cling to me
6:21 PM - Spades ♠: i think it's the engineer-main qualities we have
6:19 PM - brick: it's cause we know how to use our heads and use our hands ;)

kobb: wow u so kno how 2 make a girl happy
kobb: marry me

[15:56] <Spades> .eightball is bluebird actually a steel player?
[15:56] <GameServ> Never.
[15:56] <Spades> .eightball I see, so he's REALLY in Iron?
[15:56] <GameServ> Most likely.

You DUNKED ON Ashynka #God Of Conquest!

3:15 PM - (つ◕∆◕)つ: i want to be a low iron heavy
3:15 PM - (つ◕∆◕)つ: but i would only use brass beast and family business

10:31 AM - akemi: Low key
10:31 AM - akemi: I think you're better than me
10:31 AM - akemi: At sniper
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Past Teams


S12 Steel : Daydreaming Ding Dongs (13th seed, 4th Place), Engineer
S13 Silver : Daydreaming Ding Dongs (4-5), Engineer
S14 Gold : The Gabiduo Experience (4-4, 9th Place), Engineer and Leader
S15 Gold: John Madden (4-2), Engineer #benchboys after Week 6
S15 Platinum : Chill Penguins (4-6, 5th seed, Tied 7th), Engineer Joined Week 7
S16 Gold : Pepe Peddlers (10-2, 2nd seed, 1st Place ), Engineer
S17 Silver: I tried Sniping, mistakes were made. (1-2)
S17 Platinum : Corn Ducks (5-3, 4th Place), Engineer Joined Week 7
S18 Platinum : Kids Next Door (3rd Place), Sub Engineer
(S18 Gold: Don't Tilt/The Syndicate Reborn, Engineer for Playoffs, 4th Place)
S19 Platinum : Bote Team (9-4, 3rd Place ), Engineer
S20 Platinum : Dunning-Kruger Effect (9-1, 1st Place ), Engineer
S21 Platinum: Memento Mori (10-3, 2nd Place ), Engineer and Co-Leader
S22 Platinum: Dunning-Kruger Effect (11-1, 1st Place ), Sub Scout/Engineer

(All Stars)
S13 Silver: All-Star Engineer Runner-Up
S15 Gold: All-Star Engineer
S16 Gold: All-Star Engineer

EVL S4 Highlander Battle Royale Pro Division: Corn Ducks (5th seed, 4th Place), Engineer

(I played some ETF2L Highlander with Alto and the only thing notable we did was win S9 Mid )

ESEA S20 Open: I Will Dad (7-2), Scout Rest in FUCKING PEACE
ESEA S20 Open: Weiner Bros (14-2) (1-1 5th Place), Backup Scout
ESEA S21 Intermediate: Creative Juices, Elite Pwnage Squad, Scout
ESEA S22 Open: Bote Team (11-5, 1-1, 7th Place ), Scout
ESEA S23 Intermediate: I Will Dad (3-13), Scout and Leader
ESEA S25 Open+: Power Surge [](11-5, 1-1, 7th Place ), Scout and Co-Leader

2015 Toronto LAN: Royal Canadian Mounted Police(2-1 pools, 1-1 playoffs 2nd Place ), Scout/Medic
2015 GXL LAN: Spades Slick Bodyguards(4-1 pools, 0-2 playoffs 8th Place), Scout
2017 RGB LAN : My Team (2-1 pools, 3-2 playoffs 3rd Place ), Scout

UGC S15 Steel: Constantly Inconsistent (6-3, 9th seed), Scout
UGC S16 Silver: Deer Gang (5-4, 14th seed), Backup Scout
UGC S17 Silver: The Heartbreakers (3-5), Backup Scout
UGC S18 Gold: Zen Diagram (7-5, 4th seed, 4th Place), Backup Scout
UGC S21 Gold: Bote Team (9-4, 4th seed, 2nd Place ), Scout

S3 Silver: The 4 Hokages of the Soul Society Arc (4-5, 12th seed)
S4 Silver: Alien vs. Predator vs. Brown vs. Board of Education (7-5, 5th seed, 4th Place)
S5 Gold: topical godl memes (5-4, 6th seed)
S6 Gold: shitty osu memes (6-2, 2nd Place)
S7 Gold : Jewkawa and the Shekels (11-1, 1st seed, 1st Place )
S8 Gold: VXIOW hits a dab (6-3, 4th seed)

1.21GW SpadesSlick : ive taken a chip off the ol brick.
1.21GW SpadesSlick : .ready
[ESEA] 1.21GW SpadesSlick is now ready.
[ESEA] Starting second half.
iGibby Brick_McChunk : .notready
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idk i thikn it's more on the sexy side when it comes to pizzas but
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hello slick spade
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Gunslinger ?
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Perhaps you should let George NO that as Carlton, I'm in a position to scratch his bush if he scratches mine, capeesh? ... Hell O?
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spades i love you
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