overly smug jakuzure
British Columbia, Canada
spy guy / weeb trash
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"that one's going in the folder" -lange
💯: turn the infobox 💯: into the folder

i use different names, but all these are directed towards me, enjoy

💯: nigga i'll eat your ass stfu

mastermind: im going to shit ur ur dads mouth

*DEAD* FLICK OF DA WRIST : die in a fire retard, don't play like that

*DEAD* FLICK OF DA WRIST: go hang yourself

KONVEXED : fuck you

*DEAD* Pretzel : fuck you man

*DEAD* put_cheese_on_it : fuck off you filthy pleb

WinsForSkins.edu : you belong in a hospital bed with cancer


subwaysand : stupit jap

lokosab : your mom must hate you chinees fuck

DarkPulse : i fucked a girl a few weeks back and oh my god i want that so bad again
blyat : Darkpulse how old are you
DarkPulse : 14

*DEAD* DarkPulse: im jerking

*DEAD* Roody's back : i hate your guts and i hope you die painfully

ArcticCobalt : :x might be hacking
*DEAD* TheEvilScribbler : you think?

Gemini Sunrise : lise is hacking

Gemini Sunrise : Those fishy stabs aren't fooling me, not to mention perfect Amby headshots every time? Yeah no. Take it from a spy main

*DEAD* Mecha_Andrew (Youtube) : zz is a fucking hacker and he knows it

Gooch Butter : zz dont you have like a hl game or soemthing

u jelly? : n igger fsaghgot
*DEAD* shank : are you ok
u jelly? : stfu niggeer
shank : are you jelly
u jelly? : muted

*DEAD* hd09crossbone : FRICK YOU ILA

*DEAD* X_xCR0Wx_X : ila kys spy scumbag
X_xCR0Wx_X : no skill faggot'
X_xCR0Wx_X left the game (Disconnect by user.)

martinbernal7503 : larn how to spell

*DEAD* Kranzo : you've been reported, douchebag

XlrChain : backwards you fucking hacker


Fun : Alright, enjoy being reported you neck bearded fat fucking loser.

⚡Deta⚡ (bday in 5 days!!!) : fucking spy fag
a mountain range of rubble : i'm straight
⚡Deta⚡ (bday in 5 days!!!) : well u fight like ur gay
a mountain range of rubble : happy birthday
⚡Deta⚡ (bday in 5 days!!!) : fuck u

*DEAD* GoldSCAgent48 : Failure of life

*DEAD* ✪fLux : this is the most disfunctional spy i have ever seen

Casanova : Well I reported you, so Ill let them check for you :)
rbx : lol
Casanova left the game (Disconnect by user.)

PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW : nah fuck you nigger
*DEAD* sile : im white
*DEAD* PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW_PEW : dont lie youre a nigger

NewCoolPro : awoo might be a yutuber recording (mrpaladin)
awoo : gday all
IssGonRain : he should find a better game

*DEAD* grumpy old troll : oh no awoo watched 1 mr palidin video everyone look out'

*DEAD* Thorn🌹 : I guess the name gives you the power to do so
facestab : yea

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overly smug jakuzure Feb 15 @ 11:05pm 
i agree
Amotiger Feb 15 @ 11:04pm 
Bad people.
overly smug jakuzure Feb 15 @ 11:04pm 
who doesn't
Amotiger Feb 15 @ 10:44pm 
Oh man I love Zero Two.
overly smug jakuzure Feb 9 @ 10:21am 
Alice Feb 8 @ 11:37pm 
You should try and fight me again some time! Maybe you’ll win <3