✪ sherlockٿ.

* If you add me, make sure that your inventory is public or else I'll ignore the invite.

* Please don't get offended if I delete you in my friends list because I'm cleaning it regularly and my friends list is always full; you can add me again if you wish to.

* All prices are set according to certain details such as pattern, rarity, demand etc..

* If we already made the deal we cannot reverse our transaction. Sorry for that.

* Always post your offers in my CS:GO Trading Lounge. If you won't post your offers; I will reject it automatically and don't ask why.

* In case I downgrade my item because you wanted to trade it; I'm expecting an overpay on your end.

* If you trade my item with keys; I will give you a discount but it will depend on the item condition and its demand.

* I don't give items for free.

* I don't lend items.

* I will never, ever borrow any items and if someone will use my name for his own purpose, that's not me.

* I don't buy or trade in real money or any other games.

* Never attempt to scam me. Wrong person to do it :P Remember, someone is watching us from above :P LOL!

- If I reject your offer, it doesn't mean that I don't like you as a trader or what; it simply means that I'm looking for a better offer for my item. Maybe someday we can transact again. In case I accepted the offer, I will delete you because we already made the deal. I keep friends who I always play with. Anyway, you can add me again if you do another transaction with me. Don't worry, I will give you +rep.

And lastly, sorry for the long post and thank you very much for visiting my page and reading my rules and regulations regarding trading.


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