xaichi: i need to go put on pants

seraph: do you watch porn for their personality?
choppy: hahahaha
choppy: yes
Mort: The moral of the story is that choppy is a dumbass

I would recommend playing Doom or Quake for fast paced action!
(For the non-hardcore gamers)

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Can't play sniper on Chubabub's pugs
seraph (Score:20) defeats speed.demonx789 (Score:6) in duel to 20 on Ammomod [MGE]
2nd World's Longest Round []

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ewww incest

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nani 23 hours ago 
hey seraph

sapnu puas.
Le Guava Jun 18 @ 10:56pm 
... hold on
i got a good one..
.. wait
it'll be good...

DORK~ FRENCHY Jun 5 @ 11:22pm 
Send nudes
nani May 31 @ 9:10am 
u wan somefuk?
livid ♡ May 15 @ 3:03pm