Sems   United States
I make crêpes.


Also I burnt a crêpe on 24/07/2016 and will forever remember that as the day I became Demisems
If I want to trade or sell skins, I'll let you know. Don't message me looking for handouts, even if you can "pay me back later."

I try to play a bit every night. Currently obsessed with Rocket League, CSGO, PUBG.

Also I stream sometimes. []

American badgers weigh between 10 and 40 pounds, and do not reside in Maine. European badgers also do not reside in Maine, because Crendgrim refuses to catch me one.

And in regards to my name, it was originally Bayberry (after a horse, nickname was bay), Seemebay (but the extra e was gaudy), Semebay, and then it was easier to call me Sems (and Bay was lost).

On matchmaking in CS: I rarely matchmake, and when i do I usually play around SEM rank (preferably with a full queue of non-assholes). I will always prioritize longtime friends and AM clanmates.

On matchmaking IRL: sry xnoxno

I'm also looking to start or join a group/team for lower ranked, less experienced female CS players. Message me for discord/other info.

Disregard crendgrim, he is two and still learning numbers
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f0ster Mar 9 @ 10:22pm Glorious Singing \o/ definitely not embarassing.
HibeePin Feb 16 @ 7:37pm 
ur hacker
Sems Feb 9 @ 8:15pm 
wow i can't be a nerd, only birds are nerds because they rhyme
sars aeol Feb 9 @ 8:15pm 
sems is a nerd
Sems Dec 1, 2017 @ 6:13pm 
lies and slander! drivey games make you crashy
Ausmerica Dec 1, 2017 @ 5:01pm 
Shooting games make you violent.