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Someone needs spanking, cite this as a matter of urgency. Up until an enigmatic revelation (how the abysmal late 90s bucked its own trends via the jewel 'You Get What You Give'), this automobile knew it needed 1960s style 5 star petrol, sure it was dirty, poisonous, put Bulgaria-sized holes in the sky, but everyone knew where they stood and that was just fine n' dandy. Further down that California dust trail, we see Gregg pulling in to one of those modern sleek slinky gas stations, all clean, no stains on the concrete forecourt, coffee refills available, staff in tie-die tshirts, girls called "Julie" sitting on bean bags talking about the latest episode of 'Friends' and how they left their boyfriends because he said the word "cunt" and anyone who says the word "cunt" deserves to be left, right? ("left-right, left-right-left, let's all march to that 90s beat...") Ain't no left or right no more, P.C. neo-con, third way Blairite neo-Liberals, Gregg's driven into town and needs to write some songs, is someone willing to climb inside his head? No takers, let's all be ourselves, that's something we've always been true to *sound of chortling from the back of class*

This coffee tastes like a corpse, someone please pour the colours back in.
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SPONGEBOB!!!! the best childhoob memories eh? well, guess what? you get to bring those memories back but this time hes not so nice! ( note. last one was not working for people so this one will i found the problem and fixed it enjoy!
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the v in V3 stands for Vine Feb 16 @ 4:33am 
Uso dayo!
zeniox Feb 14 @ 2:41pm 
      ( ՞ਊ ՞) キエェェェエェェェエエエエェェェェ
 ピョン   ( O┳O)
  ピョン   し-||-J
zeniox Feb 8 @ 2:03am 
 ∩ ∩
 |   |
⊂⊂_ノ ouch! イテー! ite-!
JustALittle Feb 5 @ 10:23am 
homemade tablet video? I couldn't find jack if he was lickin my a hole! Leave a link for crying out loud!
JustALittle Feb 1 @ 3:24pm 
TEAM ACCOUNT BEN DOVER 3 MOTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I here one who can help me wit my count from TEAM TEAM with my count?
I port one men sue few moths go til day a this mom my count till been locked.

I want to recive a gif me fro end base of this lockdown I CAN NO DO SO!!!

lease lease lease  ME WITH THI
zeniox Feb 1 @ 6:39am 
Is there anyone who can help me with my account from STEAM TEAM with my account?
I repported one payment issue few months ago until today at this moment my account still been locked.

I want to recive a gift game from friend because of this lockdown I CAN NOT DO SO!!!

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