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Feel free to add me if its TF2 related :)
Can merc Mid/High Demo

Hardstyle/Rawstyle & Rap for life <3

Me on etf2l:
Me on ugc:


▶ UGC Steel Season 12: TSL: Demo main
▶ UGC Silver Season 18: Canceled Project: Demo Main
▶ UGC Gold Season 19: Veritas eSports: Demo Sub
▶ UGC Gold Season 20: Cult of Ivan 2.0: Demo Main
▶ UGC Platinum Season 21: Suicide Squad: Demo Main
▶ ETF2L Mid Season 10: Veritas E-Sports: Demo Sub 1st Place
▶ UGC Steel Season 15: TSL: Demo main 5th Place
▶ UGC Gold Season 21: Subway Supremacy: Demo Main
▶ ETF2L Mid Season 23: Omicron eSports: Demo Sub
▶ ETF2L Mid Season 24: Five Pennies: Demo Sub
▶ ETF2L Open Season 25: Skrald eSports: Roaming Soldier Main
▶ ETF2L Open Season 26: MANNDEM CO.: Roaming Soldier Main 1st Place
▶ ETF2L Ultiduo #6: deeznuts: Soldier
▶ UGC Silver Season 8: El Loco Ratas: Demo main

Zombaw: I gotta go do something serious.
Zombaw is now playing GOAT SIMULATOR

23:33 - alva: it was basically when she stops sucking and you are about to cum
23:33 - alva: Story of DHS 2k16

Yight: Flatline misses all of his rockets and hits

ragedirtbiker: I like big guns and big dicks

scopeZ: please remove the '':3'' from your name
Willy :3: why?

00:33 - wildflower: i hate anime so much i swear

Zephyr ✿: not gonna even try against plat demo
Zephyr ✿ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

scxpz: LMAo ur FUCKing dead xD
*DEAD* Glorb King: stfu fucker

The Real Texan: I can tell you why this guy have 20 killstreak
The Real Texan: because he is fcking soldiermain
*DEAD* The Real Texan: the soldier should die as a class
scopez: i aint no soldier main tho :o

*DEAD* Pierre: scopez the MLG demo

23:15 - ʸᵘᶰᵍ ᶜᵃᶤᶻ -iwnl-: just if you dont take a shit high team im fine
23:16 - scopeZ lft hl: ;)
23:16 - ʸᵘᶰᵍ ᶜᵃᶤᶻ -iwnl-: otherwise i will actually come to denmark and it will be in the news the next day

everything is ok
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