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mimiram age nabashi
donyaye mani, fardaye mani
mimiram age nabashi

It's been scientifically proven that the average mvm'er has an IQ of -5.
If I'm set as away or busy please refrain from messaging me to small talk
Do no harm but take no shit. | Things have to end for others to begin.

sintyyr / RZA
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UGC S8: steel, LB's | Pyro
UGC S9: steel, chess / ESE | Medic / Engineer
UGC S10: silver, Da | Medic
UGC S11: steel / silver, -F|K- / iPn | Pyro
UGC S12: platinum, Cretans | Pyro
UGC S13: gold / steel, Soup! / |TW| | Pyro / Medic
UGC S14: iron / silver, TiGC / |TW| | Pyro / Medic
UGC S16: steel / silver, eX. / -Xe- | Pyro
UGC S17: gold, WTF | Sub Pyro
UGC S18: gold, @ian | Medic
UGC S19: gold, GODL | Sub Medic, Pyro and Engineer
UGC S20: gold, IVAN | Engineer
UGC S21: platinum, [ENGA] | Engineer
UGC S22: platinum, :( | Sub Engineer
ETF2L S4: div4, [MMM] | Sub Pyro
ETF2L S5: div4, |DU| | Pyro
ETF2L S6: div6 / div4, [T-A!] / =V= | Sniper+Pyro / Sub Pyro
ETF2L S7: div6, |TW| | Demoman
ETF2L S9: high, ukip | Sub Pyro
ETF2L S10: mid, nom / .twisted | Pyro / Sub Pyro
ETF2L S11: high/mid, GODL / 8===D | Engineer / Sub Engineer
ETF2L S12: mid, 8===D | Sub Engineer
ETF2L S13: high | .awkward | Sub Engineer and medic
Wireplay: div3, [T-A!] | Sniper

UGC S13: NA silver, hu3. | Sub Medic
UGC S20: Steel, spb | Sub Medic
UGC S21: steel, Groomers | Sub Medic
UGC S22: platinum, dikke BMW | Sub Medic
UGC S23: europe, BAITED | Sub Medic
ETF2L S17: div5, [T-A!] | Medic
ETF2L S23: open, G-SHOCK | Medic
ETF2L S24: open, NwA | Sub Medic
ETF2L S25: open, ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ. | Medic
ETF2L S26: open, 1dead | Sub Medic
ETF2L S27: low, Lucky Lukes | Medic

UGC S7: steel, K! | Sub Medic
UGC S9: silver, OFF | Sub Medic
UGC S10: steel, OFF | Sub Medic
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23:43 - aqma: your humour is so damn dark
23:43 - aqma: It's still not back from the plantage

00:40 - Zolith: I swear to god you type like your high 24/7.

22:35 - Not THAT stalker.: is it true that greenlandic people are drunk 110% of the time?
22:37 - mausoleum fit for me: abso fucking lutely
22:38 - Not THAT stalker.: r u greenlandic

17:23 - Teatime: I more often visit gogoanime than gmail
17:23 - kms: <------------------

22:23 - Teatime: rip corr
22:23 - user of this acc is dead:(: thanks
22:26 - Teatime: not a big loss but still kinda sad

00:23 - interdimensional poot: har du aspergers ligesom mig xd
00:23 - interdimensional poot: spørg bare
00:24 - tennanbaum ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9): nej er bare naturlig retarderet

22:34 - Sound:
22:34 - Sound: how the fuck did you heal yourself
22:34 - :-(: qf stupid
22:35 - Sound: oh
22:35 - Sound: right
22:35 - Sound: for some reason I had something else in mind
22:35 - Sound: shooting arrows into the sky and catching them
22:35 - Sound: but
22:35 - Sound: yeah, quickfix makes more sense
22:36 - :-(: is this natural for spy mains?

20:51 - Liars like me: you make it sound like I am normal and everyone else is weird
20:52 - mausoleum fit for me: you're not weird
20:52 - Liars like me: thanks
20:52 - mausoleum fit for me har ændret sit navn til there's chicken on my screen.
20:54 - Liars like me: it means alot to me that a person who renamed themself to "there's chicken on my screen" doesn't consider me weird

12:34 - mausoleum fit for me: tell me about ur dream
12:35 - TeaKay: oh I was just laying in bed and this girl I have no fucking idea who it was kept asking me to do stuff and then you just appeared, punched her said fuck off and left

12:29 - i see you duck, you little punk: tell me more about this dream
12:30 - you little fucking disease: uhhhhhh
12:30 - you little fucking disease: lan
12:30 - you little fucking disease: she followed me there
12:30 - you little fucking disease: and like
12:31 - you little fucking disease: somehow got in
12:31 - you little fucking disease: i recognised her and was like
12:31 - you little fucking disease: oh shit
12:31 - you little fucking disease: fuck this
12:31 - you little fucking disease: i told u it was caz
12:31 - you little fucking disease: and
12:31 - you little fucking disease: u went over and punched her lmao
12:31 - you little fucking disease: then i woke up
12:32 - i see you duck, you little punk: Did I tell you about TeaKays dream the other day?

22:23 - raspberry princess: im ok have to get up and shower all day lmao dw i'll do it!!!!!!!!
22:23 - :D : shower all day?
22:23 - :D : whut
22:24 - :D : sounds like auschvitz
22:24 - :D : xD
22:24 - raspberry princess: had to get up and shower
22:24 - raspberry princess: WOWOWOWOOWOW
22:24 - :D : r o a s t e d
22:24 - :D : literally
22:24 - :D : :d

Here's a list of how my name has been misspelled and mispronounced over time:
>>corrsint/corrsin<<, corrisonT, corrisin, corsrinT, croissant, corrin, corrisint, corrasin, corisin, corsinT, corsin, corrssin, corrissin, corissint, crosin, crorisin, crossin, !bp corrisinT, !bp corri, corrinT, coursint, crossainT, corssinT, corrisnt, corsinnT, corisant, cornshit, corason, corrissnT

Unusual unboxes:
Stormy Storm Flamboyant Flamenco
Spectral Swirl Taunt: Rancho Relaxo
Infernal Flames Taunt: The Carlton
Infernal Smoke Taunt: Flippin' Awesome
Infernal Flames Taunt: The Schadenfreude
Spectral Swirl Taunt: Square Dance



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