Mark Woodhouse   Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Founder for team & -|MOD|- Ministry Of Darkness (Half-Life & Counter-Strike). Created back in 1999 the team is one of the longest going online gaming communities around folding in 2014.

I'm been big fan of online PC gaming since giving up my console days in 1992 when games like Street Fighter 2 were my battle ground. With over 14 years of competitive gaming under my belt and acting as tournament admin/lead admin for DemonUk, BarryWorld, WirePlay, ClanBase & Pro-HL as well as managing teams, attending UK LAN's around such as "i-series" & playing along side some of the best gamers in the UK such as 'GaRpY' of team "dignitas". :B1:

Now days I prefer to take things a little more easy, as a "retired competitive gamer" :csgohelmet: I still enjoy clocking in the frags and giving those who want to test their gaming skills against mine in the new Counter-Strike Global Offensive. However when the wife calls time it's game over... Either that or I'm in the dog house wearing my dinner.

2008 - i34 (Held at Stoneleigh Park) Counter-Strike Source - Group stages
2008 - 1st place Counter-Strike Source League Season 10
2007 - 3rd place Counter-Strike Source League Season 7
2007 - i31 (Held at Newbury Racecourse) Counter-Strike Source - won the group stages lost to team "fnatic" No.1 seed.
2006 - 1st place ClanCombat Counter-Strike Source Cup Season 3
2006 - 1st place ClanCombat Counter-Strike Source Cup Season 2
2006 - 2nd place Counter-Strike Source Champions Cup
2006 - 2nd place Counter-Strike Source League Season 3
2006 - 1st place ClanCombat Counter-Strike Source Cup Season 1
2006 - 1st place ClanCombat Counter-Strike Source 5v5 Ladder
2006 - 2nd place Counter-Strike Source League Season 2
2005 - 1st place CSSL Counter-Strike Source 5v5 Ladder
2005 - 2nd place Counter-Strike Source Cup

PC Specification:

CPU = AMD RYZEN 7 1700X @ 3.4GHz (8x Cores)
RAM = 16GB DDR4 2666MHz Corsair Vengeance Red LED
MOTHERBOARD = Gigabyte GAMING-3 B350 chipset
GRAPHICS = MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5)
DISPLAY = 1x 27" LG 4K (3840x2160 resolution), 5ms Response
CPU COOLER = NZXT Kraken X62 (Water Cooler)
SOUND = 7.1 (onboard)
MOUSE = Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical
MOUSE MAT = SteelSeries S&S
OS = Windows 10 64Bit

Personal Blog [] :rage:
Find Me @ LinkIn []
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HappyFargus 1月7日 6時08分 
Hello, I wanted to trade my redline ak for all your graffities and cases so if you don't need them send me trade offer please. Trade url and ak are in my main profile - . I almost have friend limit pls dont add to friends, just send trade offer
уууу уууууу 2017年5月31日 12時29分 
Очень тупой, очень.:cansuangry:
n1ce 2017年5月26日 14時49分 
Useles p90 player 13-22
GyamyRO 2017年4月15日 8時26分 
Флава 2017年3月11日 8時20分 
-rep only p90, dont play cs
SandZ 2017年2月19日 23時43分 
Unable to even deal with a p90 when you have an m4 or AK... really! Tell you what you play p90 and I'll go m4 scores will be the same... you'll be dead. Or better still let's have the game developer remove all the guns other than the m4 or AK because that would be fun!