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* NMRIHBA Admin *
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* The Conversation *

5:19 PM - ˢᵃᶰᵈʸ: I've been playing NMRIH for 3 years and have more skill than any group of people and have a couple nmrih groups of my own and am in every NMRIH group that exists yet i have never gotten an invite to "No More Room In Hell Badasses"
5:20 PM - ˢᵃᶰᵈʸ: i am most likely the most skilled person on the planet in NMRIH
5:20 PM - ˢᵃᶰᵈʸ: i don't even care if my membership request is accepted at this point
5:22 PM - ˢᵃᶰᵈʸ: a ton of my friends are in this group and i'm sure i would forget i'm even in it anyway
8:43 PM - Timmy's Dad: well first good for you. must have taken a long time to achieve both of those feats. second, if you would forget you were even in my group, why even bother adding me out of the blue and talking to me about it
8:50 PM - Timmy's Dad: also why bother a dead group and then harass some of my friends about it
8:51 PM - Timmy's Dad: might wanna think a little before acting

(I ONLY messaged the MOD below about it and said nearly the exact same thing but a bit more polite!)

* Mod *

* Summary *

I added them to figure out why i've never been invited because it seemed WEIRD that all of my friends were invited and not me. I'm a very brilliant and inquisitive person, yet i got this trash harassing responce from an ADMIN which makes me glad i had never been invited. When an ADMIN harasses you it's beyond pathetic. I had never been so offended in a steam chat and nobody should be made to feel this way.

If anyone is in this group No More Room In Hell Badasses please be aware that the people running it are simple minded, rude, negative and will attempt to drag you down to their level.

Thanks to all who have read this far, may your day be a pleasent one !!!

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