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3k for orange spiralis
17 hours ago
In topic [H] pixel fire [W] offer
SIENNA tunicas
17 hours ago
In topic (H) 6 keys (W) offer
white chakrams 6k
Pink Spiralis 5k
Pink spiralis plus sienna and pink tunica for cobalt ones :)
7k plus pink spiralis for lime lightnings
Pink and sienna tunicas
Pink spiralis plus 7k
18 hours ago
In topic Have Pink Spiralis, Want 5Keys
Also Turtle cert heatwave for 27K
18 hours ago
In topic [W] White Wheels and Crates [H] Keys
White chaks for 6k
Originally posted by capitalistocrat:
ok noted. lol

Quicksell (adj.) - An item being sold BELOW MARKET VALUE.
I`m down to buy purple spiralis for 3k if u still wanna quicksell
Interested in what the prices will be after the half hour quick sell is over.
Jan 19 @ 12:27am
In topic [H] White Spiralis [W] Keys, Offer
3k and dark matter
3k for cobalt spiralis still.
Jan 18 @ 11:08pm
In topic [H]Pink Scorer Lightning [W]Keys // Offers
Can do 3k for cobalt spiralis if that is cool with u.
I have black wizzard hat, want 2k
Sup champ, can do 8k for meh Crimson Spiralis
I can do 12k and sienna aras for crimson loopers
Pink tunicas
Sienna tunicas
U can get rust super cheap in humble bundle now
Showing 1-20 of 381 entries