Eugenio "Ryo567" Martínez Seguín   San Javier, Murcia, Spain

Team Fortress 2:
Historial de clanes:
Cítric´ - Div. 99999999999
eXploSion - Div. 9
Acid Core - Div. 6
react. - Div. 5
Release/Emphasis - Div. 5
Sick Wolfs - Div. 4
Cáité - Div. 5
True Emphasis - Div. 4

Clanes Highlander:
Sálvame Deluxe. (Actual) lolololololol


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Steam - Spanish translation and revision.
Team Fortress 2 - Spanish translation and revision.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Spanish translation and revision (beta tester).
DOTA 2 - Spanish translation (beta tester).
Minecraft [www.minecraft.net] - Spanish translation proofreader admin.
Minecraft wiki [minecraft-es.gamepedia.com] - Spanish translation and revision.
Super MNC - Spanish translation (unfinished).
AirMech - Spanish translation (unfinished).
AchStats [www.achievementstats.com] - Spanish translation (in progress).
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - Spanish translation and revision.
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Admin of Spanish translation (unfinished, in progress)
Data Jammers: FastForward - Spanish translation indie.
[Android] Slide'n'Scape - Spanish revision and store translation.
TF2Wiki [wiki.teamfortress.com] - Spanish translator (first Spanish Wiki Cap recipient).
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last played on Oct 18
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mmjsalsero Nov 9 @ 3:00pm 
Hola necesito por favor la traduccion de GT Legends ya que el enlace para descargarla no funciona,muchas gracias de antemano por vuestro trabajo
: . Nov 2 @ 3:41am 
Hi, I'm trying to play Beep as part of a challenge from a group I'm a member of and I saw that you wrote in the community of this game.

My game apparently has a glitch or some other problem and I can not get past the first to the second planet. I saw you wrote in the community and would like to know if you can help me by sending your saved file.

I know it's a strange request, but if you help me by sharing your files I'd be very grateful (in exchange I can send you a copy of the Space Farmers game or five game cards from my inventory).
estoy muerto Mar 13 @ 7:58pm 
kbt Jan 22 @ 12:25pm 
kbt Jan 22 @ 12:25pm 
SCOUT_GHOSTgamer Nov 21, 2016 @ 12:49am 
checa mi discucion en tu grupo porfavor, necesito a alguien como tu