Saxton Hael
Appetitie increases while eating
Can't say I dislike rainy weather []
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Don't be sad, because sad spelled backwards is das, and das is not good.

My first fragmovie
Currently learning how to animate in Blender
Animation #1 | render time: 2 hrs.
Low-poly #2
Old bakery ad
All Star but it's Hawaii

A few things about my competetive background
5000 hrs + in TF2
Main - Medic
5 etf2l 6's seasons
5 ugc highlander seasons

Fat kids always win at seesaws []

Turbine payload? Yes please. - Yuno

Auto: Is that your cat?
Some guy: Yeh
Auto: Can I hear him meow?
Some guy: I'm trying to get him to but I don't think he wants to
Auto: Well just squeeze his head or something

Kraftec: my sign has a swastika on it
Kraftec: but thats not what i put on it

My nigga Deadie
rain is looking for a friend: just got a good song
rain is looking for a friend: want to use it
Deadié: what song
rain is looking for a friend: somewhere
Deadié: dw i wont use it for my next video
rain is looking for a friend: Charizma - Red Light Green Light
Deadié: stolen
Deadié: ty

Currently on repeat:
Blank Banshee - Wavestep
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Charizma - Red Light Green Light
Logic - 1-800-273-8255
Zack Hemsey - "The Way (Instrumental)"
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
Favorite Group
MR SLIN's Stream - Public Group
Thanks for checking out my stream!
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GoofieGoober10 15 hours ago 
Sent a offer
TheTurtler Nov 20 @ 11:11am 
Sent a trade for your unusual Das Maddendoktor. Exact price as listed on Thanks and happy holidays :)
daddyXOR | Nov 20 @ 10:01am 
Sent trade.
DaevasDemon Nov 19 @ 2:42pm 
+rep was out of stock
Future Oct 30 @ 2:31pm 
+rep good pal
(B-Day in 15 days) MeloBun Oct 29 @ 8:20am 
Hello I saw your outpost listing to buy unusuals and to write down what it is
I’m selling a disco beat down vintage tyrolean add me if your interested!