Graysen. Otherwise; Lusa Silvia.   Kansas City, Kansas, United States
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                   Yes, I made my avatar & make avatars for friends of mine.
                                 Photos & photo editing is my specialty.

                                 Jw: FUCK
                                 Jw: WOW SOUNDCLOUD IS LOUD
                                 Lu.: LOL
                                 Jw: HOW THE FUCK
                                 Jw: DO YOU PAUS
                                 Jw: ETJHWE TP'
                                 Lu.: Bottom
                                 Lu.: left
                                 Lu.: holy fuck
                                 Jw: too late I closed it
                                 Lu.: rofl
                                 Jw: The bass hit and destroyed me

                                                 Does everything have to be so personal?
                                                No, not really. I just like music & street art.


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                      Do Not Add Me If Your Profile Is Private! All Will Be Ignored.

                                                                    Pretty Lit.

                                               Ex- Co-Owner of AfterMath Revolution
                                                                 Staff of Addictive Sounds.

                                                   Let's get this over with.
                                                :cvlt:• Furfag. Though I hate most-
                                                :cvlt:• Queer.
                                                :cvlt:• 19 & employed.
                                                :cvlt:• Neutral.
                                                :cvlt:• Lazy with my page.
                                                :cvlt:• "Edgy but Sexy" - Logan

                                                 Just a few things when it comes to adds.
                      :em_anarchy:• I'm firm in my words, doesn't mean I intend harm or derogatory.
                      :em_anarchy:• I'll at times be slow, yet mostly never occupied.
                      :em_anarchy:• I have moments of sadness like any other being, allow me to collect.
                      :em_anarchy:• Most times you'll have to start a conversation with me as I am fairly quiet.
                      :em_anarchy:• I am open, but for the most part I keep to myself.
                      :em_anarchy:• I can be quite the talker, more/less intelligent conversations, preferably.
                      :em_anarchy:• I don't 'RP', fuck off with that shit.

                                                 What I do with my time on average.
                                            :cvlt:• I try to draw, but I often place my intentions else where.
                                            :cvlt:• Creative screenshots.
                                            :cvlt:• Music, I have it blasting everyday.
                                            :cvlt:• Some coding but nearly none at all as I lack strongly.
                                            :cvlt:• I love photography. A lot. Same with graphics design.

                      :cvlt:• Occasional photography posted.
                      :cvlt:• Moody at times, best to avoid for the moment.
                      :cvlt:• I enjoy encountering people of a similar frame of mind.
                      :cvlt:• Null.
                      :cvlt:• I'm often mistaken for a girl, sadly.
                      :cvlt:• Don't send me a fuCKING FACE for a message.
                      :cvlt:• Speak proper English or GTFO.

That's about it, anything else you wanna know, ask. I'm not spilling out my life story on the web.

                                   As if anyone cares.

                                                 I'm fairly quiet.
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Scrumptious. 💦 1 hour ago 
Scrumptious. 💦 1 hour ago 
Scrumptious. 💦 1 hour ago 
Lu. 1 hour ago 
Scrumptious. 💦: Uhm excuse you. You have no proof.
Lu.: >
Lu.: Fucking knew it was patto art
Lu.: You fucking bitch
Scrumptious. 💦: Fucc.
Scrumptious. 💦: YEAH I’M THE BITCH.
Scrumptious. 💦 2 hours ago 
And you think you aren’t cringy yourself, pops?

Also, -reputation, thinks my avatar is a gay furry porn picture which is 100% false.
ネオン 4 hours ago 
The edge..soo muchh...CRINGE.