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I ignore most friend requests.

Send me a trade offer.
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Trade Offer backpack [backpack.tf] TF2 Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]

If you send me an offer and it's not enough I generally won't counter. Feel free to re-offer.

If it takes more than 12 hours for me to respond to your offer then I'm considering it or need to do more research. In a lot of cases, the value of the offer is just within ~10% off from what I'm looking for.

If you want feedback on your offer, write so in my profile comments. I will try to get back to you. Make sure to write what you offered so I can remember.
Types of offers I almost always decline:
Upgrade offers (e.g. offering 1 Unusual for 6 of my Unusuals)
Pure offers more than 10% under my buyout
Offering overpriced Unusuals with little to no overpay (this is subjective)

Feel free to offer them, but don't expect me to accept them.

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Okay, thanks!
Julia 8 hours ago 
Ghosts Attendant
Would you be able to tell me what you sold Circling Peace Sign Bomber's Bucket Hat for? I'm trying to make a price suggestion for it, Thanks for reading!
added to trade!
Shlaush 11 hours ago 
Added to discuss about your C9 Infernal Impaler
The Box Guy trade.tf 16 hours ago 
Your bot has no metal to trade