Francesco Romano   Leonforte, Sicilia, Italy
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- Blizzardy Storm Stainless Pot ;
- Cauldron Bubbles Buccaneer Bicorne ;
- Stormy Storm El Jefe ;
- Stormy Storm Desert Marauder ;
- Circling Peace Sign Defiant Spartan ;
- Purple Confetti Killer's Kabuto ;
- Purple Energy Carouser Capotain ;
- Blizzardy Storm Soldier's Slope Scopers ;
- Nuts n' Bolts Barnstormer ;
- Stormy Storm Frenchman's Beret ;
- Stormy Storm Cloud Crasher ;
- Blizzardy Storm Magistrate Mullet ;
- Nuts n' Bolts Vintage Merryweather ;
- Green Energy Heavy Duty Rag ;
- Smoking Flamboyant Flamenco ;
- Smoking Whoopee Cap ;
- Terror-Watt Powdered Pratictioner ;
- Blizzardy Storm The Tavish Degroot Experience ;
- Bubbling Reggaelator ;
- Kill-a-Watt Dragonborn Helmet ;
- Stormy Storm Tossle Troublemaker ;
- Disco Beat Down Halogen Lamp ;
- Circling Heart Frenchman's Beret ;
- Circling Peace Sign Hustler's Hallmark ;
- Cauldron Bubbles Killer's Kabuto ;
- Flaming Lantern Officer's Ushanka ;
- Stormy Storm Large Luchadore ;
- Smoking Your Worst Nightmare ;
- Burning Flames Eliminators Safeguard ;
- Haunted Ghosts Brigade Helm ;
- Dead Presidents Bolted Birdcage ;
- Orbiting Fire Buckaroo's Hat ;
- Orbiting Fire Western Wear ;
- Green Confetti Ol' Geezer ;
- Smoking Crocleather Slouch ;
- Sunbeams Sergeant's Drill Hat ;
- Purple Confetti El Jefe ;
- Time Warp Powdered Pratictioner ;
- Something Burning This Way Comes Powdered Pratictioner ;
- Cloudy Moon Hustler's Hallmark ;
- Stormy 13th Hour Grimm Hatte ;
- Cloudy Moon Buccaneer's Bicorne ;
- Time Warp Barnstormer ;
- Green Confetti Bonk Boy ;
- Infernal Flames Taunt: Bad Pipes ;
- Screaming Tiger Taunt: The Carlton ;
- Massed Flies Blighted Beak ;
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Terms and Conditions
Howdy, friend!
In here you can find some suggestions on how we can develop an healthy and friendly relationship here on Steam. I always accept random friend requests , so regardless that you found me in a server, on or Outpost, add me if you wish to. I never remove anyone, provided they don't give me a reason to.

1) Do not beg for free items.
I know that I have plenty of them on TF2, but I'm not gonna give anything to anyone claiming to be "poor". TF2 items are not first necessity products, so having none does not make you poor. I might give you something eventually, but only if I decide to;

2) Try to avoid starting a conversation if I'm in game.
I'll probably answer to you anyway, but that irritates me. I prefer to stay focused on the game I'm currently playing , so I could end up giving short, monosillabic responses. If the information/question you want to say/ask to me is really important go ahead, I won't get mad for it and I'll help you;

3) Do not invite me to join your game
And don't say hi to me everytime I go online . I'm not a soldier, you don't need to salute me. I'll probably join your game some time or another, as I always scan my friend list looking for someone currently on a map I like;

4) Items on my "Items Showcase" are always for sale.
In there you can find most of my Unusuals. I always put all of them for sale on Outpost [] so you can find some more information about the prices in there, as well as some screenshot (lowest part of my profile), or you can just ask me for their prices;

5) Items on the "Up for Trade" showcase are not for sale.
I know might seem odd, but I just needed a place to put all my favourite weapons and Steam doesn't allow me to put another "Item Showcase". This rule extends to every weapon in my Backpack wich has "Romazaki's" in its name. I could still sell them, but I'm expecting a massive overpay;

Thank you for reading! Live long and trade!
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These are my Weapons.
There are many like them, but these ones are mine.
My Weapons are my Best Friends.
They are my life.
I must master them as I must master my life.
My Weapons without me are useless.
Without my Weapons I am useless.
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Profesur Anoes & Romazaki Team Up - Part II
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wanna disciuss bout trade
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Offering a Green Energy Towering Pillar of Hats for your pure
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cool player in mvm, WD
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QS unusual for 60%, I send a trade offer
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Hi,I Want To Trade WhIT You,I Have A Unusual,Please Add Me And We Can Trade
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