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Steel S12- Medic, leader (Яogue Runners HL)
Silver S13- Medic, leader (Яogue Runners HL)
Gold S14- Medic, sub (Super Friends)
Gold S15- Medic, leader (Zoobooks)
Gold S16- Medic, co-leader (Arstotzka)
Gold S17- Medic, leader (Voltage Gaming/Tension eSports/Arstotzka) **FIRST PLACE**
Platinum S18- Medic, leader (EVL Gaming HL)
Platinum S19- Medic (Bote Team) Third Place
Platinum S20- Medic, sub (Chill Penguins) Third Place
Platinum S21- Medic (Snail Time) Fourth Place
Platinum S22- Medic, sub (Chill Penguins)

Iron S13- Medic, leader (Яogue Runners)
Steel S14- Medic, leader (Яogue Runners)
Iron S15- Demo/Scout, leader (Яogue Runners)
Iron S16- Pocket/Medic, leader (Яogue Runners)
Steel S17- Medic, leader (Яogue Runners)
Gold S18- Medic, sub (Disney Jam Thursday)
Gold S21- Medic (Bote Team 6's) Second Place
ESEA-O S19- Medic, sub (Blue Elephants)
ESEA-O S20- Medic, leader (Weenie Roast)
ESEA-O S21- Medic, leader (Weenie Roast/Arstotzka), first half of the season
ESEA-O S22- Medic (Bote Team 6's)

Steel S2- All-class main, co-leader (Four Fuccbois)
Silver S3- Medic, co-leader (Four Fuccbois)
Steel S4- Medic, co-leader (No-Fakery Bakery)
Steel S5- Medic, leader (No-Fakery Bakery)

Tumblr vs. Reddit S2- Medic, captain (Reddit East) [WINNERS]
Razer Tournament- Medic (Blue Elephants)
Class Wars- Medic, co-organizer (Team Medic)
Region Wars- Medic, co-organizer (New England) [WINNERS]

GXL 2014- Scout, leader (Lightning Command)
FLan 2015- Medic (Team 2)
GXL 2015- Roamer (Med Elephant)
VinLAN 2016- Casting Couch
FLan 2016 6's- Demoman (In Loving Memory of Dogfloaties) Second Place
FLan 2016 HL- Pyro (In Loving Memory of Kainoa) **FIRST PLACE**

kNyne: Put it this way, cp steel is a girl chained up
kNyne: She's got one hand free
kNyne: But we've got two guys trying to put it in any hole we can find
kNyne: She can only stop one dick at a time

Miggy: damn med mains
Miggy: youre cute as hell though
Miggy: id go down on you
Miggy: line up 3 other guyus
Miggy: go off on em like a circus seal
Miggy: ew
Miggy: you fucking faggot
Miggy: i love women

kNyne: wtf
kNyne: did they disable the sentry spot on upper last?
kNyne: ...
kNyne: im about to lose it
Rogue: Yes
Rogue: Hahahaha
kNyne: wow
kNyne: phew
kNyne: they added a new one
kNyne: its all good

Kobby: more like papers, knees

K-man: This is the underground railroad of pugs

betamaster: ringme
Who scrims on the 4th of July?: <
Who scrims on the 4th of July?: Also it's 3:45 PM
Who scrims on the 4th of July?: Are you okay

ЯOGUE: Remember when we all used to be friends?
CapSize: sorry rogue we arent friends after dropping on first

m|M CapSize: gonna win plat brb

Marty: rogue u autist stop snapchatting

Elepimp is now Online.
Daffodil: so
Daffodil: ur also a bad internet bandito
Elepimp: Ok
Elepimp: So heres what i need from you
Elepimp is now Away.
Daffodil: nice

DiabetoDan: tfw meme babe leaves your server
ЯOGUE: omg dan
DiabetoDan: I actually didnt mean to send that to you lol

S P O N S O R E D B O Y S: dont let me change
S P O N S O R E D B O Y S: dont let the fame go to my head

Wall!: last night I was in a mumble with someone and I fell asleep and when I woke up I asked them if they had good pizza dm
Wall!: help

Jojo @gxl : rogue is back from the little roamers room

Joe: i finally got my Mighty no. 9 demo
ЯOGUE: How is it :o
ЯOGUE: Seriously? :(

vinny: 👍👍 this guy

sbomb: I have meme PTSD

Miggy: i got a half chub when i found out
kNyne: Wait, half chub? That's just a quarter boner.

kNyne: i'm gonna make a full CS:GO map of my campus
kNyne: and then study people's gameplay
kNyne: so that way i can clutch ace the police

AppleSteak: im the 11th best there is

ЯOGUE: Hey Rob
Rob: I don't know what's been going on with you the past three days
Rob: But you are very quickly finding a way to go to get tickes to Shitty Games Done Quick,
Rob: Getting a mainstage spot,
Rob: and showing everyone that you are the world record holder for speedrunning your way onto my shitlist
Rob: And I have nothing to offer to you
Rob: but a solid round of applause and a stoic expression of my respect

kℱyne: so you got the ticket then
ЯOGUE: yup! :)
kℱyne: wow cute man
kℱyne: that's a cute smiley
kℱyne: hey do you wanna watch marley and me together

Snook: dude
Snook: the hair in this game kicks the hair on fallout's ass
Snook: ... in a certain context that statement could sound a little weird

Boog: damn, I thought rogue was a stand up guy, really eye opening post by future

AppleSteak: rogue
AppleSteak: I know you're horrible at these things
AppleSteak: but nonetheless
AppleSteak: how do I nonchalantly ask for a girl's number?

Cap$izzle: Match tonight! Try to show up 5 hours early. I will be late so snook is on medic

Daf 'lfthl: how can so much blood come from such a small hole

Marty: there's a wifi spot around here called saam101
Marty: is this a class on shitposting

|Bonesaw|: we need to be a bit more aware of their cringy glaceons
|Bonesaw|: going for pokeplays
|Bonesaw|: ya kno

vlad: hello
kℱyne: f u vlad
vlad : :(

brooky12: Are these the legendary rogue daddy issues

Cap$ize: Little does he know my ego is both memey and gigantic

akemi: this whole clip is how i feel every time i talk to you
akemi: i always forget you cut me from that gold team a year ago
akemi: u fucking nigger i hate you

Yipyapper ✿: I love jesus almost as much as I love anime

Clara ♥: You're so bad for making me flustered :(

Marty: skill like personality like

Daf: ew
Daf: interior designing

Spades♠: little zacky DICKS DOWN ALL OF OUR WOMEN

Daff: Let's be realistic here
Daff: I'm a fucking bitch

Marty: pushing without ults is like anal sex without lube
Marty: it's just not gonna happen
Marty: and if it does
Marty: it's ugly

eugoR CGU: .efil ym fo thgil eht era ouY .sitoop ym ot cidem eht era ouY
eugoR CGU: .elbmum ni enam ruoy ees ot saw ti lacigam woh ,edutitta evitisop ruoy dna modsiw fo sdrow dna ecivda tnatsnoc ruoy tuohtiW .evol ym ,uoy tuohtiw krad eb dluow efil yM

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Kobby Aug 20 @ 12:54am 
You might have, you know, if you’d hung around. Or if you’d just left him your number.
Please. Did you see the guilt on his face when he did it the first time? He’s probably glad I wasn’t there when he woke up.
Bun-bun, he knotted you. He told you straight up that he hasn’t knotted anyone in years.
Of course he hasn’t! He’s a prostitute! He probably hasn’t had a real emotional relationship in just as long!
Imagine how lonely he must be, to have all those mammals who want his body, and not a single one who wants anything else.
You should have stayed. Maybe you both could have gotten something you wanted.
Sweet cheese and crackers.
Kobby Aug 16 @ 11:06pm 
"Take me. Use me. Do anything you want," she whispered huskily, now holding him with both paws, increasing her speed. Gripping his shaft almost painfully tight, she let out a growl. "Be a pred. Be an animal." She gazed at him with half-lidded eyes, a seductive smile playing at her lips. "Go Wilde." At the last, he felt a spark begin inside him which quickly became a roaring flame. His paw snapping out, Nick grabbed her ears tight, his leer down at her causing a thrill throughout her body. The feel of her mate letting loose, taking control of the situation, caused a powerful surge of arousal within her. She could feel her panties becoming damp, the urge to reach her paw down and stroke her sex overwhelming, her concentration nearly failing on her original plan. Thankfully, her mate had not forgotten. A sharp pain at the base of her ears made the doe open her mouth to cry out only to find her fox shoving his shaft deep into her, the bulge forcing her throat to accept him.
Kobby Aug 16 @ 9:01pm 
"Oh you don't say?" Nick gave her an amused smirk. "Carrots the sexual tension from you could have been cut with a spoon. And it hasn't exactly been easy on me either. The scents you were giving off were overwhelming. Honestly I'm glad I found out how I felt now because too much longer and you were gonna end up being bent over this couch, regardless of how much I wanted to preserve our friendship."
Kobby Aug 14 @ 4:04pm 
Draco leaned in extra-close and I looked into his gothic red eyes (he was wearing color contacts) which revealed so much depressing sorrow and evilness and then suddenly I didn't feel mad anymore.And then… suddenly just as I Draco kissed me passionately.
Draco climbed on top of me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took of my top and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time.
"Oh! Oh! Oh! " I screamed. I was beginning to get an orgasm. We started to kiss everywhere and my pale body became all warm. And then….
It was….Dumbledore!
Kobby Aug 13 @ 10:30pm 
"Carrots, you know I love it when you talk dirty to me," he said shaking his head at the inebriated bunny, "but right now you're drunk, and you don't really know what you're saying."
"Oh yesh I do! Cum on Nicky, ma pushies all wet and shticky! Just give it a lil' licky poo." she said as she reached out and grabbed him by his ears and put his snout in her crotch.
"Oh Yeah Nicky! Maksh me cum! Thash it! Thash it! OH MY GOD! she screamed as she ejaculated into his mouth. Try as he might he couldn't swallow it all. Nick's face were drenched with her love honey, not to mention the bed.
Cap$ize Jun 29 @ 5:57pm 
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
..............\.............\... Im gonna end u monday