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{-Dε-} Ghost.: LOL DONT BE RACIST.
{-Dε-} Racer: FUCK YOU nigga
{-Dε-} Racer: xD
{-Dε-} Ghost.: LOL
{-Dε-} Ghost.: RACER.
{-Dε-} Ghost.: youre not actually racist are you
{-Dε-} Racer: Kinda xD
{-Dε-} Ghost.: WHY.
{-Dε-} Racer: I had a black friend but then he turned gay on my
{-Dε-} Ghost.: bad boy. :(
{-Dε-} Racer: So i said fuck NIGGERS!
{-Dε-} Racer: xD
{-Dε-} Ghost.: LOL WOOW -.-

Never tell your password to anyone.
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: kkk
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: :)
Adolf Hitler: hey
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: Hey :)
Adolf Hitler: K/D : 6,000,000/1
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: LAWL
Adolf Hitler: I died cause I couldent pay the gas bill
Adolf Hitler: xD
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: XD
{-Dε-} Racer AKA Яάсэя: LAWL

Never tell your password to anyone.
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uelHwf8o7_U&ob=av2e
SARS Revan: nice.
SARS Revan: personally, I like Em's singing in that song
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: Yea same
SARS Revan: he kind of carries Rihanna
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: I didn't use to like rap untill i heard a good bit of his music
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: Yea
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: but so does the shirt shes wearing
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: :D
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: Well it kinda carries her *If you know what i mean :D*
SARS Revan: lol, i hear that
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: and megan fox just sets it over the top ha
SARS Revan: her acting is wooden though, so dont expect her to roleplay as a french maid
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: ha
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: ikr
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: :D
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: I wish that would happen tho ha
SARS Revan: as long as she's wearing nothing, it'll win an oscar for sure
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: :D
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: This is SOOOOO going on my profile on steam :D
{-Dε-} Racer *Music*: Tehehehehe
SARS Revan: woooooooot
SARS Revan: Hai gaiz!

Never tell your password to anyone.
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: NIGGA HOW U B
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: Good. you?
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: oh
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: Lawl
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: sorry, that was my black side. gotta keep him under control.
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: hahahahahaha All good, Show him a tree, he will stay back in
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: LAWL!
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: xD
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: " great grampa died on dat tree"
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: *walks away with head down, but hopes he was black atleast*
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: lol
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: why are we so racist?
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: who cares.
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: its funny
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: Cause its funny lawl
{-Dε-} Racer <3's ϟƘƦƖןןΣ✘: Its going on my profile xD
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: LOL
»»{-Ðε-}Killžסr««: HAY GUIZ

Sunday, May 31, 2015
11:28 AM - Racer: dyke
11:28 AM - Torensec: bitch
11:29 AM - Racer: slut
11:29 AM - Torensec: whore
11:29 AM - Racer: cunt
11:29 AM - Torensec: Faggot
11:29 AM - Racer: queer
11:29 AM - Torensec: Nigger
11:29 AM - Racer: (Long story about queers btw)
11:29 AM - Racer: Brony
11:29 AM - Torensec: Too far
11:29 AM - Racer: LOL
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Nigger Milkshakes
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You would killz....
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