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✿laca Jun 21 @ 7:54pm 
10:53 PM - rockmonkey: im cool and sassy
Troopo Jun 4 @ 9:00pm 
+rep huge fuckin cutie
✿laca May 12 @ 9:22pm 
11:40 PM - rockmonkey: youre the cutest prince charming!
11:40 PM - rockmonkey: can i have my glass slipper
✿laca May 11 @ 8:55pm 
11:53 PM - rockmonkey: i love being called a weeb
crawdaddy of the south Apr 24 @ 4:47pm 
I really don't see why rape is a big deal. If it's not done in a way that's painful and there is no physical damage, then what's the problem? Women want rape laws so they have a tool to intimidate men with and men want to protect their "property" - wives and daughters. But a lot of women have told me that it wouldn't be a big deal to be date raped, especially if the guy was good looking. It's also not uncommon to orgasm during rape and to fantasize about it. If fact, women who are raped often become promiscuous -- so why want more of something if it wasn't fun to begin with? Many women say that their orgasm during rape was the most intense they ever had.

I know this is incredibly political incorrect, but really, $100 fine seems like the appropriate penalty for rape when there is no physical harm, since it might be inconvenient and there is the worry about pregnancy and STDs. But it certainly doesn't warrant years in prison.