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AHH gci This game is basicly like call of duty But good Featureing plenty of customizeation and Variety within the weapons you can use and even chooseing what body type you want for each class The rumors about the game being unoptimazed are definetly True but theres a little trick you can do to make the game run atleast 3x as Good Go to your steam folder> steam apps> common>gci>and make a desktop shortcut to IMPOSTERS.exe Then do some compatability settings to have it run in windows service pack 3 run the program as an admin disable scaleing on high dpi settings and make sure you have your graphics all set to the lowest in game That sounds like a huge hassle but in the end it will make the game run so much better even in Laggy settings Note: This works becuse Luanching the game thru steam is unoptimized Only use this shortcut to run the game Properly All in all After you do that the game becomes much more enjoyable The gun balance isnt the greatest but isnt the worst either And the top tier guns are probably the gatekeeper the Persuader And the buccaneer which are all extremely versatile and good on every map Overall id say this game is worth your time as long as you use the exe fixes i menchiond and Just try to enjoy yourself Fun and definetly Reccomendid
Posted October 16, 2016.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries