WO1 D.Carter [3rdID]
Desmond   Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
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Wazza Aug 29 @ 5:33pm 
Supreme Fpoon Aug 29 @ 5:32pm 
Its yay boi Dok
MysticSkullz Aug 19 @ 5:44pm 
Thanks for paying respects to the Cringy raiders. I will try again. And try harder this time... I fucked up so bad
Bud Aug 11 @ 1:03pm 
itz ur boi
Accept the friend request nig--
Nam Aug 6 @ 2:59pm 
And now a Lesson on Mortar Shells provided by Mortar your friendly neighborhood close range artillery device!


WP=Terrifying Fire Smoke

HE=Big Badda Boom

HEAT= Big Badda Boom Anti-Tank


ILLUM= Spell the rest out you lazy fucks, fuck you all I am going to call up Crossroads and ask for fire support on grid coordinate 4-5-60-Sector 10, fire for effect. Affirm to gtfo of their, and now the eagles on on their way you fucking gooks! Oh shit jimmy just got hit! fuck JIMMY! JIMMY GET THE CORPMAN,FUCK JIMMY DON'T YOU GIVE UP ON ME!....Sorry about that kiddos I just had a flashback to when I served in the 1st Infantry Regiment-Platoon 3 "The Seasame Street Boys" in Da Krong, Vietnam '66. Have a good day kids!
SacredAtom Jan 9 @ 4:48pm 
signed by your father