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gus Bv ringme May 8 @ 3:52pm 
yeah i won asia
aeon May 2 @ 1:18pm 
randy Apr 28 @ 7:58am 
ya don't understand how bad I want to fuck my dad.
viperk1ng Apr 3 @ 10:24am 
skatin' on niggas call me tony hawk
mxc Mar 7 @ 9:58am 
if he wins asia one more time the world is going to implode
fr߷g Feb 23 @ 4:25am 
You get salty when your teammates fuck around, its a video game you arent doing anything serious so legit kys bud. Yea I have 1000 hours most being me leaving it on at night, I may be bad at the game but atleast im not going around being a keyboard warrior because he gets the top of the leaderboard in a video game. Yes I used to play minecraft pretty sure everyone has tried it. To fix your suspicion of me being 14, I'm 17. Your judgement of peoples ages and classifying them as children is quite funny because the way you were acting I thought you were 10.